1971 Schlitz Beer Commercial

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inkey2 says:

have you tried Shlitz “lately”? I do not remember the original formula as
It was so long ago my taste buds wouldn’t remember….BUT……the Shlitz
they are making now is very falvorful, more like an ale (compared to bud,
pabst and miller)

thedemoboy says:

I actually meant to add that, I must have been tired when I wrote it.
Schlitz went back to their original formula, and what you buy now is
basically what they were serving “back when”. There was a time in between
however, when Schlitz was the shi….. nevermind.

Badgerinmaine says:

They brought back the old formula about two years ago, and it’s really
quite good.

Jennifer McMullen says:

I was thinking the same thing; the music sounds really good.

ProgRockNerd says:

Let me change this: Complex chord “progressions”. The chords themselves are
mostly straight major or minor chords, but the way they progress is a lot
more interesting than your usual three-chord rock’n’roll.

Jim says:

why are they drinking out of a can when they have a kegger tapped?

John Paine says:

Speaking of major chords, does anyone remember the Schlitz barbershop
quartet commercial? I loved that one. i was hoping to find it on YouTube
here, but no luck…(actually, barbershop quartets sing in the style of
what is called “dominant 7th s”)

onefive0 says:

Yeah, like any working man buys Schlitz…

thedemoboy says:

Schlitz USED to make a great beer. Then they changed their formula. It
ruined Schlitz.

ProgRockNerd says:

One thing: *Man*, is there some *music* going on here, in contrast to the
EXTRERM minimalism you get today which sounds like it took less time to
come up with it than to play it. Every note in every player’s part here got
serious attention. There’s a constant procession of complex chords and
melodic ideas. Derivative and outdated, yes, but at least it’s intelligent.
Where’s our version of this? (Watch us “solve” the problem as usual, by
making an inferior version of this old stuff.)

zombiehoof says:

Me and my chaps called Schlitz beer, shits

Tequilamockingbird87 says:

The new “old” formula tastes like they put soap in the beer.

Jeff Liss says:

Since Buddhists “go around more than once in life,” Schlitz this isn’t the
brew for them.

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