5 Seconds of Summer play Ultimate Question Pong!

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5 Seconds of Summer play Ultimate Question Pong! SUBSCRIBE TO HEATWORLD: http://bit.ly/1q9FxZ6 When we let 5 Seconds of Summer loose with some ping pong ball…


Sara Bennett says:

There is too much perfect to comment on in this xD Too MUCH! age 13 from

Yasmine O says:

OMG does no one else notice Luke’s fingers? I’d break my fingers if I had
them like that

Chelsea Kumar says:

I feel like such a bad 5sos fan, but I’m new to this fandom (5 weeks ago I
joined) but isn’t luke like pure Australian ? In the video he says age 13

youdon't knowmyname says:

How come no one is talking about how cute Michael is in this video? 

Narcisa Slimac says:

“Underwear”…”What’s wrong with you Calum?” lol <3

Emily Ng says:

4:11 Ashton’s sass though XD

Ami Duran says:

Calums attractive but i can’t find him “hot” cuz he kinda looks like my

astrid says:

Omg, I’m part of the 5SOSFam, and I’m Mexican, so I was like almost dying
every time they mentioned “Mexico”

Jillian Hemmingstyles says:

I would wish that Luke Hemmings knew who I was!

Amari-lee says:

This was on my b-day

Victoria StylesHood says:

3:08 Malum moment, 3:10 Calum brings me chest pains, 3:45 when Calum bites
his lip and them laught, he just killed me…

Bernadette Sarmmy says:

Luke did you just really said DORA THE EXPLORER. I CANT EVEN

sam ashton says:

wait he said underwear…
do they share underwear?!
so if i would steal one from their room i would have one that is worn by
all of them 😀 

Teresa Franceschi says:

the fact that Luke’s always laughing when Ashtons says “13 from Mexico” so
cute ;D
i love this vid

Jennstagram xo says:

So apparently I’m a bad fan…
Didn’t know they are a bunch of 13 to 14 year old mexicans… 😮
😀 😀 😀 :D

Brittany Miller says:

It’s so funny how they treat it like a real sport! Commentary, technique…

Fernanda Morales says:

I’m 13 and I’m from Mexico


5sso play ultimate question pong
#5sos #heatandheatworld 

Miss Donut says:

Calum is so cute

Noor Baig says:

whenever luke smiled i died XD

Kevin Jackson says:

Luke is 17. Almost 18 and the others are 18 or 19 

Laura Hemmings says:

Luke Hemmings, 13 , Mexico.

Cara Houle says:

; The fact that people actually thought some of them were really age 13
from Mexico makes me laugh so much.

andymtz500 says:


Lauren Mattern says:

Can we just talk about how Luke like, dies every time Ashton says “13 from
Mexico?” xD

Martina Sandelin says:

“Calum, what’s wrong with you?!”
Calum’s seen some shit.

artise says:

lmao the age 13 mexico thing

babyyneekyy says:

“Calum what is wrong with you?” LOL ACCURATE

Eve Digby says:

Is it just me who when Luke got a false shot and they all said AYOO!!!
Immediately thought of Check Yes Juliet and that Michael and Luke did a

Cake Mashton says:

“I think we fight about….Underwear”

“Calum what is wrong with you”

Ami Navarro says:

“Calum what is wrong with you?!”
And the Age thirteen Mexico’s went too far…

faty mendoza says:


Ellie Louise says:

i love how luke laughs every time ashton mention the mexico thing

Bhav J says:

Calum what is wrong with you

Jada Hendricks says:

Calum’s shirt needs to be burned. :P

NatLovesFashion says:

luke hemmings, 13, mexico. 

daniela cornejo says:

Mexicoooo ❤️❤️❤️

tannie142 says:

Did anyone else think of “How I Met Your Mother” when they were talking
about how Luke and Calum both put empty milk bottles back in the fridge? 

Jasmine Seybert says:


Marta J says:

Ash- FAB

kelly l says:

that’s all it would take if you knew who i was, you little shit

Annelise Hutchison says:

Calum is wearing a Dallas cowboys shirt. My hometown!!!! <3

Boo Whoo says:

Luke: “He can’t do that.”
Michael: “There’s no rule that says he can’t.”
Luke: “Yeah, there is. I made it up”
😀 😀 these guys :D

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