A Snowshoe & Brew Review For You! – part 2

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final segment of just a little ditty from yesterday’s sort of mosey (20Dec09) – if you’re still with me, great; if not…well, c’est la vie, eh! ; ) my thank…


superpelic says:

never have seen showshoes before!!Don’t pick up books you already have seen
MM..lol Some nice finish, the music is great!!

PipeFriendCHS says:

I wasn’t in an xmas mood until I saw this video!

ManiacalMikal says:

gotta have a bit of a change up every once in a while, Smoke. ; ) thanks
for coming along. play safe, MM

backcountrypipe says:

Beautiful snow covered trails. Nice snow shoes, have the same pair and I
love them. Great time of year. Nice pipe as well. Merry Christmas Mark

ManiacalMikal says:

no need for embarrassment, J – the jobs you’re talking about are still out
there & in use – quite good I hear for use in deep snow – the brand of
shoes I own have ‘tails’ that can be attached to the end of the shoe for
deeper snow when needed – nice feature – thanks again for the use of your
tunes – take care, MM

ManiacalMikal says:

hope you’re enjoying the snow, too, C – this part of Canada does have
lots-n-lots of trees – I’ve lived in other areas where trees we noticeable
by their absence: the high desert of California, for instance – maybe
you’ll make a video of smoking outdoors one of these days, eh? that would
be nice to see. bye for now – MM

ManiacalMikal says:

thanks, Manuel – Frohe Festtage! MM

Sargecon1 says:

first one;-) it’s nearly 1 am on tusday here, but you made it, believe its
or not we have also a lot of snow here, about 7 cm high, here, that’s a
lot;-) Nice few there really woody in your country, just nature. Cheers,

FreyofKtau says:

Nice Videos, so happy xmas MM. Greets from Germany Manuel

ManiacalMikal says:

hey, J – now you can tell all your buddies you’ve seen a pair of snowshoes
; ) – and as for picking up that book… I kept looking at it and thinking,
‘Have I read this?’ – I answered, ‘No.’ and packed it home – after 3 or so
paragraphs I realized I’d read it earlier in the year – crazy, eh!! – I’m
at the library now & hope not to make the same mistake again – have a good
one, eh! MM

MahkMahkMark says:

It snowed here in Oregon once. : )

MahkMahkMark says:

Indeed, Hood and Bachelor are fantastic mountains. Unfortunately my lack of
car ownership makes such outings less frequent than I would like. And yes
indeed, I love to swoosh down hill on purpose! But again, no car + no job +
extremely high lift ticket fees, make such adventure an extreme rarity
where it used to be common place (in my life).

MrSmokeGuy says:

I miss the other intro music. fun video, thanks.

yarekim5932 says:

beautiful up there , the snow is pretty . White Christmas ! Have a Merry
One ! God bless MM , michael

ManiacalMikal says:

bet you had to look that up in the Farmer’s Almanac or something, eh, MMM?
; ) never been to either, but I see you can play on the slopes of Mount
Hood & Mt Bachelor – you ever get into swooshing downhill…on purpose just
for the fun of it? tons of fun – take care, eh! MM

ManiacalMikal says:

thanks, Mike – Xcountry skis & snowmobiles are very popular here, too –
being the maniac I am, I like to buck the trend and strap on snowshoes –
I’ve noticed, though, that it, too, is becoming quite popular – very good
exercise – too good sometimes – phew!! ; ) bye4now, MM

Flieger671 says:

Thanks for sharing this mosey MM! I have to admit I’ve never seen anyone
use snowshoes here in Sweden. We tend to use skis when the snow get’s
deep… or more likely: snowmobile. :-) Happy holidays, in case I don’t run
into you again until then. Toodles, Mike

ManiacalMikal says:

jingle them bells then, Marc ; )

ManiacalMikal says:

hey, J – yeah…it was a nice mosey – damn batteries, though – the ruby
beer actually began to taste pretty decent the closer I got to the bottom
of the glass – funny, that, eh? ; ) gonna try some Bah Humbug later (same
brewery) – supposed to be their Xmas 09 ale offering – wish me luck – L8r,

ManiacalMikal says:

we must be cut from the same cookie dough, eh? ; ) take care, MM

ManiacalMikal says:

didn’t mean to bum you out, MMM – I know where you’re to for I am there
also but by my own request (no car + no longer working + no downhill
skiing) – I had to give up the last item for medical reasons – won’t get
into it – I sincerely hope things improve for you, mi-laddo, and that
you’ll be able to do more of those things you’d like – then again, there’s
a new & richer perspective (pun intended) that comes with living less ‘high
on the hog’ – good smoke-n-drink for instance, eh! bye4now, MM

ManiacalMikal says:

thanks, M – you have a good one, too, eh! MM

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