Amstel Light Bier TV Commercial

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Amstel Light. One Dam Good Bier. Amsterdam Good Times. Brewed in Amsterdam.


oh69ohyes says:

My boys, the Chicago Blackhawks use this song whenever they score. Love

1y33 says:

i find it very sad that all of you dimwits think so highly of amsterdam
after watching a commercial for a beer more watery and tasteless than
wendys chili.

Astah Camara says:

In Holland they say instead of one good beer, ons bier and that means our

King Fakearse says:

@jaketherake89 thats the one im lookin for too xD

amandadrexler says:

@BudMan111 ahh thank you so much!! i couldn’t find that anywhere!! everyone
just told me it was the hawks song… and im like nooo wrong
comerciallllll. haha thankkyouuuuu!

1y33 says:

that song sounds like a room full of developmentally disabled people
whining in synchronization.

spakwarner says:

its chelsea dagger by the frattelis

Russianrebel1945 says:

Chelsea Dagger

BilsonM says:

does anyone know the name of the song at the end?

SuperPunisher2k9 says:

whats the song?

iDance94 says:

I love the guy juggling the soccer ball! That is amazing!

King Fakearse says:

@aquarocks28 wooh!! ty man lol

Del919 says:

the song is Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis

BabiuaEloisia127 says:


Matthew Jung says:

@NewestFroNews do you know the name of the song in the newer comercial,
like the chorus goes “All the time” and idk any other words

is95js says:

The guy at the beginning says: boys and girls. We are beginning!

laurenn003 says:

wat song is tht? (:

utubemostwanted says:

chelsea dagger by the fratellis

CrucetG says:

what is the name of the guy playing with the ball on the streetlight?

jvglion says:

That guy in the beginning is yelling in English, but they needed subtitles
because he’s crunk.

22SoFtbAllPiTcHeR22 says:

lol tht old guy in the bigginning is so fuckin funny


lol, 1 dam good beer

quinnsans says:

I actually thought this was an I Amsterdam ad. It makes me want to go
there. Thanks Amstel Light!

Stephen Reczek says:

Go Hawks!

steeldor says:

@Chargersman77 I know. I am calling the Fratelis amateurs. It sounds like a
bad nursery rhyme.

LiKASO1 says:

the newer commercial is a billion time better then this….thumb up if you

RickyBTV says:

Her name was Chelsea Dagger!

CollingsBoomer says:

@BudMan111 THANK YOU!

Zack Stark says:


BTarbell says:

I’d definitely drink a lot of beer if i ever went to Amsterdam, but I think
the coffee shops would get the most of my attention if you catch my drift.

thetook says:

“Chelsea Dagger”, by the Fratellis That’s the song’s name.

titan126 says:

The old guy is the shit!

Mystline18 says:

This makes me want to live there.

laurenn003 says:

o ha nvm.

ajaxloverrr says:

‘Dames en heren, we gaan beginnen!’

BEASLAND000 says:

@crimsn12 Didja do anything there that is illegal in the US?

CZsWorld says:

@SuperPunisher2k9 Chelsea Dagger

DrummerJ91 says:

I love this commercial

Eefvvje says:

Imagine what it’s like when you live in America for a year and you are from
Amsterdam and you see this commercial all of the sudden! This made my day.

Liam C. says:

i love the song its soo catchy lol

Taylor Ydg says:

@LiKASO1 either way….what a damn good beer

samw151515 says:

@TraindudeMcGee Chelsea Dagger by the Fratellis

macfries1 says:

is it witha football player ?

Dom Manzolillo says:

awesome at 0:09

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