Amstel Light – One Dam Good Beer Ad [60 Sec Long VSN]

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The Fratelli’s – Chelsea Dagger = Background Song.


Joseph Stanislau says:

This is the exact song the National Hockey League’s : Chicago Blackhawks
use after every goal. Boy Chicago gets really loud.

Anthony Salazar says:

Im giong there in two weeks and I cant wait for the BEER BEER BEER!!!

Daniel Bregman says:

makes me want to go back packing through Europe so fucking bad! Not to
mention have an ice cold amstel brew

Matthew Jung says:

@studentjames01 ME TOO i love that song

Ninja691 says:

@scobratec Hell yes!!!

crawdaddy1819 says:


36Barksdale says:

what is the name of the song off the commercial!> something like “damn good

SiiinginInTheRain says:

Lmao @ that loud-mouthed old Dutch fart

FatherUCKing says:

I wish someone would cut out that old man – the rest of the ad is awesome
but I wanna punch that old man’s teeth out everytime I hear this ad

Needag77 says:

amsterdam is so awsome!!!!

Mario Gomez says:

I swear I just saw this commercial but it had a diffrent background song..
Does anyone know the other commercial?

Lucas McGahren says:

0:14 omfg

Cougarfugar says:

yea, i saw this commercial with a different song…

Gino Attolino says:

dames en meneren, we gaan beginnennn!

vnut08 says:

That song never gets old


go hawks!!!!!

lancedubs says:

well played my friend

chicken3807 says:

Anyone looking for the “All The Time” song in another version, it’s Good
Time by The Brazilian Girls. Took me forever to find it, hopefully it will
help you

Wendyxoforhim says:

lmao!!!! when i first saw this commercial i couldnt stop lafen!!! thats a

bigjarvis290 says:

@Wendyxoforhim me too lol

simkatzman says:

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

trainandhawksfan17 says:

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

x0xaudpaud22 says:

one dam good commercial.

Geneva009 says:

This city is fantastic. I recommend everyone visit it at least once in
their lifetime.

Reece White says:

Wow, I love the guy spinning poi, haha. I remember seeing this on my TV and
freaking out, eheh.

J Cranston says:

Chelsea Dagger- The Fratellis LETS GO HAWKS

pjicleanair420 says:

great city i go every year

XciTeGaMiiNg says:

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!

Tracey R says:

LOVE this commercial, LOVE the song. God bless YouTube and iTunes.

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