Awesome Beer Commercials of the World

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Sudio Sudarśan says:

My compilation of beer commercials has ~120K views; YouTube analytics
informs that conservative Islamic countries top lifetime views. For
instance, Saudi Arabia comes #4 behind the US, Canada, and India in overall
views; UAE, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Indonesia are other Islamic countries
that rank continually in the top 15. Muslims don’t drink alcohol – in fact
consumption of alcohol is a sin (haraam) per the Sharia law. Furthermore,
some of the footage use nudity, sex, and profanity as a communication
tactic that could have easily gotten my video banned there. Why then is
this compilation so popular in those geographies?
Awesome Beer Commercials of the World

António Faceira says:

Hi! I’m searching for a beer tv commercial where a rich woman on a
limousine recovered a bump, burnt his clothes and introduce him at the
rich’s world. At the end he refuses the «fine drink» and goes for the

Any clues about it?


tuttt99 says:

0:57, Gotta learn that trick…

Gigasz13 says:

The first one is not even close to netherland, its from hungary

LeroyRifkin says:

Yeah we do. I live in Fremantle, Western Australia – and most of the bottle
shops sell fosters.

tonyprops says:

I worked on the Leffe spot. :)

max schmitt says:

Leffe is great beer

Brynn Davis-Hay says:

We don’t even sell fosters in Australia!

Jaime Jay says:


180chavez says:

_ poop , _ doesnt count , _ SHUT THE FUCK UP

allentram says:

i would give another 23 minutes of my life to watch this again

nadenitza says:


Dharma818 says:

11:03 Which song is in that AD ??

joejohn1423 says:

that Leffe commercial is definitely not hilarious, but it is amazing! I
wish there were more commercials like that. especially in america

Froffdogs says:

we love froffdogs! Beer makes the world go around!

Sanjeev Poudel says:

perfecto! :D

spasjt says:


Adam Nixon says:

We aussies love our beer mate

jackbotman says:

15:85, should have grabbed the bears man

AlphaTroyHazard says:

i loved this add. wish it was still on tv

Edgardo Chicas says:

jajajjajajajaja muy buenos todos

Tristen Meran says:

that was the best one

oranosus says:

12:20 cold

Sui Tablé says:

Installing Adblocker. Watching Ads on YouTube wat

IRkorpus gametag says:

that ad is an aussie classic in my book

indigoTALK says:


SourCroatoan says:

11:55 Ladies and gentlemen, we give you, Captain James Tiberius Kirk.
Humble beginnings indeed.

Páraic Love says:

Guiness was the best!

RimshotKiller says:

guinness wins

Nicholas Stevens says:

thumbs up if you watched it all to the end!!!!!

dampadoumpa says:

after seeing the first commercial im proud to be an amstel drinker after
all these years even though its not a great beer cheers

Helena says:

hahaha LOL its a big Ad hahaahhaha

StephanieExplores says:


natcaasi says:

The last one was made by males for males lol!!!!

deahtmetal1000 says:

23 min of the most funny of my life thank you

omd omd says:

The first one is from Hungary not The Netherlands.



MaryMilagro M says:

19:36- 20:25 LOL

Leonard Church says:

USA Ireland & Mexico ahve the right IDEA YEaah!USA USA USA USA!

Андрей Анатольевич says:

10:00 Yehaaa!

dalai.lamia says:

Excellent collection! Only if the vids could be more high-res…

180chavez says:

_ poop , _ doesnt count , _ SHUT THE FUCK UP

obiwanfisher537 says:

The last one is epic xD

Rene says:

14:12 _ That suuuuuucks

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