Banned Beer Commercial 2012

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THE ORIGINAL banned beer commercial from Antarctica beer. Brought to you by BofunkComedy.**ANY OTHER VIDEOS OF THIS ARE RIP OFFS** I do no own this video, i…


Cody Reed says:

i dont need beer to tap that

DietTangent says:

Hah, why was this banned?? That is… – I LOL’D

Andrew T-rex says:

The best part was when he pour the beer

Kaitievids3 says:

that’s the clearest beer i’ve ever seen/

racenemo says:

I always pour CocaCola over my girl than I lick her and guess
what………… She sticks to me

Atria Wolf says:

@joshuamadison54 cause he’s a tease.

rexxxypexyluver1brit says:


GuitarheroPresident says:

wow,,um you sure?

DietTangent says:

This could end bad….

Andragon90 says:

@joshuamadison54 Cause he wants to fucking motorboat! It was his plan all

XadieuThan says:

Ye boi, she knows what’s sup

GameplaySpecial says:

@HordikaNation52 dude not everyone knows who the crap skipper and rico are
you i dont even know who they are wtf

mymiddleleg1 says:

Yes Yes

Bob Robert says:

you’re doing it wrong

bubbleyes1 says:

0:05 best part of the video

Horn0816 says:

He got a little fomunda cheese with his beer off the bike seat.

BOGHEZ0023 says:

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AllensDream says:

@squid4947 Hehe

joppe198 says:

i saw an unbanned commercial were there was a girl going in her grannys car
and while doing that she drops a condom in the car the granny grabs it and
smiles then puts it in her pocket. i wouldnt be weird if it was a “good
that your wering a condom commercial” but it was A CAR COMMERCIAL!!!

ceiba22 says:

thats it im getting drunk

HybridWaterMan2 says:

hahaha- schmuck…

TheAquagoddess says:


steve lawton says:

why dont he just drink it lol

OrfanelGaona says:

Tap 2 for fun…

Nate G says:

i wanna marry that women lmfao

J1ZZ3D says:

I was about to say how the hell could this be banned, then the end came and
im like “Damn that guy is lucky”

Spitfire727 says:

Pussy beer ftw! 😀

MEGAN028Z says:

if my man was licking beer over the house id send him to an AA meeting

haroonde says:

@meanosaurus shes a woman.

197022007 says:

moral of the story, put beer on your chest.

racenemo says:

@rocaho001 I bet you he would

heli92sweiz says:

This would be a more effective ad if it wanted to advertise how to get your
man to clean the house.

Josh M says:

why dosent he just drink it out of the fucking can!???

Jabarichonicles says:

um…wouln’t her boobs be , ya know, FUCKING FREEZING?!?!?

lolek113 says:

@joshuamadison54 didnt you see the end? ^^ thats what beer was ment to be

grotewigwam says:

@heli92sweiz yeah i was thinking now she’s gonna let him clean the house
… XD

bradmanduck says:

@joshuamadison54 maybe he was already drunk 😛

Nation0f5kulls2 says:

@GameplaySpecial Hey man, chill =P

crazydudekorf07 says:

I smiled at the end. And now I’m thirsty for a beer.

csatari99 says:

how do you get the baned videos?

Ted G. says:

ok i know all men (including myself) love a good beer. WTF can i use that
has the same effect on my girl??!?! lol

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