Beer Pong, You Are Terrible. (3:08am)

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As I enjoy to Not Receive Diseases, I shall not play this Game. SUBSCRIBE IT TO FLULA! Click: Flula Shop! // http://www.flulasho…


Maria Bruque says:

“Oh, perhaps some chili”

Kelline Pickett says:

haha, if you think beer pong is the most *”terrible grossest”* game you’ve
ever seen in your life, then you should watch a room full of guys butt chug
their beer. Now that’s disgusting…..and a little kinky.

Bruce Moellenhoff says:

Flula’s German soul REALLY wants to complain about the watered down US beer
( as soon as he said ‘This is not beer’ I thought he would go off )

thepokekid01 says:

Yes, it’s gross! Stop doing it!

People playing it are probably too drunk to realize how gross they are
being. playing with Water doesn’t make it better, maybe if you play the
variation with shot glasses on the side that you don’t drop balls into but
otherwise, don’t play this game!

kathlimb says:

When I used to play each team would have a cup of water off to the side to
dunk the ball in to wash it off after it fell on the ground. It probably
didn’t help much, but it made us feel better :)

speed0spank says:

We always had a few cups of water to rinse the balls off when they went on
the floor….impeccable hygiene, I know. I think that had more to do with
us having lots of cats and not much to do with germs.
I miss being young and grody.

Hiway says:

“…touched the most dirtiest balls of the univerism”

flula… nobody fucks with syntax the way you do.

And you are right… filthy game- and to think we did it with quarters
while on LSD and shots of “Grape Jesus’s” (pure grain alcohol and grape
soda) back when I was young, dumb, and full of… more dumb.

Broshmosh says:

Also if you can catch hepitittus from beer pong I’ll make sure to avoid it

Ashley Bode says:

Lmao! I think about this to but I try to remember that alcohol kills germs.
I guess you could drink from your own cup.

Billy Durán says:

“They just make discover of adjusting the pants… lick fingers lick
fingers” -Flula Hefner 2013

victoria donelda says:

favorite youtuber in the world.


You should become american comedian

Rodney Wollam says:

Plague Pong! LOL! So true

Izabela Piza-Deiser says:

flula your so funny i cant even

ERRM says:

People who play without washing their balls are very disgusting. 

Markismaximis says:

Yes. Dis is a very true.

racheal erana says:

‘contract hepa-tit-tis because of your dirty balls’ lolol ‘its not beer
pong, its plague pong’ this guy is soooo funny

Amber Holway says:

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! So true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gabriel h says:

who doesnt just make a person drink from their own beer
we all do this?????????

c3vzn says:

3:08am Flula is best Flula.

Maddie Shea says:


Christopher Johnston says:

I always play beer pong with water in my cups

Christoffer Hødal says:

Cocktail pong with disposable aluminium foil balls is the best.

uahow23 says:

oooo so sassy lol

Samuel James says:

You are the best. You’re ment to rinse off the ball

Jelmts says:

this is NOT how I party!

Thequeenbee says:

Lolz nobody is washing the balls! 

TiAmo4life says:

With their spider corpses like old corn flakes!! 

sghost128 says:


Caliab says:

I don’t know if it’s because I’m super stressed right now but this made
everything better! Loved it!

Ryan Stroupe says:

heppittitis LAMO ROFL!!!!

Vanessa Solesky says:

Oh man Flula I love your rants I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt. Plague
pong… hahaha laughing my ass off over here!

Gijs Bartels says:

Do you by any means have a bit of nosophobia Flula?
I do agree with you about the game though, it’s stupid!

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