Beer Review 159: 120 Minute IPA – Dogfish Head (Funny Review)

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120 Minute IPA Dogfish Head Craft Brewery Style: Double IPA ABV: 15 – 20% IBU: 120.


Canadian Sasquatch Brewery says:

I agree with the dating! If you put on a bottle “ages well” it should have
a date on the bottle so you know how long you’ve been aging it! And this
is a tasty beverage for sure!

ClementsHomebrew says:

I should of had some food before drinking the bottle. Loved the beer, but
had to leave some of the funny scenes in the video. Cheers Jamison!

ClementsHomebrew says:

I’d put the 90 Minute IPA and 120 Minute IPA at the top of the list next
year. Sounds like a great time at the GBBF. How fun to meet up with several

ClementsHomebrew says:

… you should of seen the stuff I cut out to shorten the video! Glad you
had a good laugh. Cheer Tony!

ClementsHomebrew says:

This is a killer good beer for sure. Cheers

ClementsHomebrew says:

Thanks Matthew. I thoroughly enjoy it… as if you could not tell. I’ll
probably let the bottle sit for 1 – 2 years. Thanks again. Cheers!

Time4Another1 says:

lmao, a triple quadruple IPA, I dont know the bottleline is, lol, great
stuff, made my morning Kevin.

Offtapbrewing says:

I would love to try this one , it sounds so good . Cheers Kevin

Mr_Sparty1995 says:

They also recommend you let this one warm up for about 30 minutes before
drinking. I believe it’s around 18%. There is a video sam put out that
recommended you let this sit for 30 minutes to warm up, and share it with a
friend. I have had there 60 and 90, I still want to try their 75 and 120.

ClementsHomebrew says:

Yeah, I hadn’t eaten after working in the yard all morning and started
getting a little trashed. LOL!

patsfan1284 says:

Lol great review! Dogfish is my favorite brewery and what got me into craft
beer and homebrewing. I might even throw a dogfish tattoo on me the next
time I go to my shop. I love me some dogfish!

Intermezzo1257 says:

After dinner beer? Looks more like a pre-nap beer! LOL!

Mr "TUBORG" says:

Your smart….

Rick Bish says:

“Vinous,” indeed! “Utopioas?” LOL! “The BOTTLE line…” I loved this one,
Kevin! Nice and light! You crack me up! Great review as well! Now, I’ve got
to try this beer! Cheers to you and yours!

ClementsHomebrew says:

And good beer!

ClementsHomebrew says:

Nap? It seemed to get me revved up! LOL My neighbors thought we were having
a party and came over. She then invited me and the Mrs to join their BBQ
party. I’ll have to drink this more often! CHeers

ClementsHomebrew says:

I would be down with sipping on some amazing beers with you! Cheers

Mr "TUBORG" says:


ClementsHomebrew says:

Kind of wish I had grabbed a few more bottles when they were available. Oh
to get a fresh bottle. Thanks much. Cheers!

Time4Another1 says:

Its hard enough to get Pliny the Elder here, and when we do, the bars sting
nearly $40 a bottle

Nick Brinksman says:

Just finished a 6 of the 60 min IPA. Gotta try this one for sure Awesome
review Cheers

Dan ABA says:

Lol, great review! I don’t know which part I liked, the part where you were
sober and did a great job picking apart the beer, or the part where you
were trashed! I know a lot of people don’t like this beer. I can see where
they are coming from after having Black Tuesday variants (a lot less
boozy). Still, I like it a lot, but I do have to be in the mood for it. I
like to sip if over an hour or so. The beer does change a lot after about a
year, as I am sure you can imagine. Cheers!

PABrewNews says:

It was great I loved it, the outtakes killed me! Your reviews are always so
damn fun! Cheers!

ClementsHomebrew says:

Good to know. I’m looking forward to trying this in another year. I really
should of had some food before drinking this one, but it was so much more
fun my way. I will buy this (if I can find it) in the future. Cheers DJ!

Jamison Moeckel says:

Haha! Feeling it at the end of this review were ya? Great stuff Kevin.

goodbrewin says:

Great review Kevin, lol, I finally scored a 120 min. myself, that I cannot
wait to review and I am more anxious after watching this. Cheers

Tony Yates says:

You got me rolling on the floor with those bloopers man! Great review,

Mr "TUBORG" says:


ClementsHomebrew says:

Ha ha! Thanks Nathan. I obviously had a great time. Glad you enjoyed it.

Elder P says:

Fenugreek? Cardamom? I would love to share a beer with you some day and
ruminate the wonders of drink and art and the art of drink! Cheers and HHBW
Kevin. Thanks for sharing this joyful moment.

ClementsHomebrew says:

Rick… you haven’t tried the 120 Minute IPA? You are in for a treat. Glad
that you enjoyed my exposed… uh… enjoyment. Utopias is my dream bottle
to purchase one day. That and a bottle of Clement Rum “X.O. RHUM”. Please
do yourself a favor and find a bottle of 120 Minute IPA this year. You
won’t be sorry. Cheers Rick!

ClementsHomebrew says:

Ha ha! Glad you enjoyed it. I had to leave some of this stuff in. My
neighbor thought I was having a party while recording on the back deck. She
had to come over to join me.

DJs BrewTube says:

See, I told you that 10% is our session strength and now you are upping the
anti with this beast solo. 120 min is nothing to mess with, she kicks. I
like this one best with like a year on it. This is one of the few DFH beers
I buy and will keep buying each year. Great review. CHEERS!!! DJ

ClementsHomebrew says:

I’ve had the 60 minute actually. Don’t recall if I’ve reviewed it. Good
stuff. Cheers!

Brewmaster Ben says:

lol, that was a great review, love the bloopers. I got to get me some of
that stuff! Cheers

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