Best Sexy Beer Commercial Compilation 1 of 2

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Make sure to check part two and the other videos I don’t own this videos I just made the compilation every person that made this videos deserve the whole credit.


Tõnu Tammearu says:


yuri9343 says:


MrRichracer says:

Om nom nom nom, Guinness at tha beginning!!! 😀

Courtney Carr says:

wow. thats basiicly all i have to say wow

Rebecca Appel says:


V1PVIP says:


Ivan Garcia says:

WOoo You were open and now you are closed 😀 hahahha

TheI69boobies says:

the first on i almost died it was pretty funey

blarg9234 says:

5:51 i would kill millions to be in that situation with that girl without
the spectators.

Fahmida Islam says:

Waste of time

Hawk Smith says:

Italians. Everyone gets wet.

MrCaptainBunBun says:

i think im goin to sign up for ballet

jordywoody14 says:

4:29 what an arse I could look at that all day!

jedslockedter4me says:


Nikolay Zhderov says:

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