Billy Martin & George Steinbrenner

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Kashif Tatari says:

What year is this??

Bryan Houston says:

1988: Billy Martin was fired for the 5th time as manager of the New York
Yankees. Practice makes perfect. Remember?

faffaflunkie says:

@loyaldude10 Well now they’re looking up at all of us and wishing they had
something cold.

loyaldude10 says:

These guys hated each other at times, but had a lot in common. Kind of
co-dependents too. Would almost always root against Yanks, but I miss them.
Yanks today may be good, but boring by comparison

doggieman1961 says:

@Perryloope classy comment to make at a time like this.

Perryloope says:

@jimmm7339ki3456 I’m actually part Spanish for your info my dad is from
Mallorca but i hate Spain and Queen Sofia ella es una Puta cabrona pendeja
even my Spanish DAD left the conquistadores. Espana que chinge su madre.

Nowthisispodracing says:


Tom Barrister says:

CBS bought 80% of the Yankees for about $11 million then. This was the team
that had made 14 World Series appearances in the previous 16 years. Today,
you couldn’t buy the third base coaching box of the Pittsburgh Pirates for
that amount.

brookelynnnnz says:


Fckyo Couch says:

@fawkyou3 Are you getting angry, dipshit? Do I sense a little anger coming
from your tiny fingers and through your shitty keyboard? Don’t worry, I
wont have the opportunity to actually meet you and beat the living shit out
of you for being a pussy and trashing a dead guy behind a computer screen.
You don’t have to hide behind the couch in your mother’s basement. You can
go outside and breathe some fresh air. You can also being an embarrassment
to your family. Take care, queerbait.

babygirl4994 says:

we love u george and will miss u!

UncleMikeNJ says:

Yes, Billy, again. George, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news
is, you can now have Babe Ruth on your team. And Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle,
etc. The bad news is, the Devil called, he wants to challenge you to a
game, and he’s got all the umpires. And Ty Cobb.

Scott Murdock says:

@moallama – you’re an asshole

03030303 says:

Remember, there was also a commercial where George tells Billy “you’re

mauriceh01 says:


nsd1901 says:

@vitoduval you sure you wanna know haha?

Pontius Pilate says:

Billy Martin was so likeable.

MichaelHansenFUN says:

for more information on this and other sports moments, get the book NOT SO
GREAT MOMENTS IN SPORTS by Tim Braine and John Stravinsky.

bramabull1976 says:

Steinbrenner 1920 – 2010 RIP

Zazalooch says:

i hope theyre having a laugh (and a beer) in heaven! RIP!!!!!!

challenger9001 says:

in that case…

ADrockstar22 says:

@fawkyou3 Thats it. I gave you a warning. It’s Done. You know why the Boss
was able to steal the leagues talent. It’s because your owners where
f*#ching retarded. Of coarse he was going to get the best. Real recognizes
real (good Players). The boss wanted to win and your owners DID NOT. There
are winners in life and your team was not one of the winners. SORRY! The
Yankees will be well off after me and you are long gone. FACT OF LIFE.
Learn from the Boss and write your insignificant owners.

Cactus Uranus says:

:( no im not

loyaldude10 says:

@faffaflunkie -they were a comedy act together. Although the act started to
get old by the mid-1980s. George wsa such a buffoon in those days—Yanks
never won a pennant after 1981, until 1996

Mocaluos says:


arkady714 says:

@BrooklynEagle I was a teen in the summer of ’77. And I could not watch
“The Bronx is Burning” without squirming in my chair the whole time. Every
thing that happened in that mini-series…all of it…every word was the
truth. That is EXACTLY how it all went down. Except there was no Jason
Giambi looking cab driver who called out to Reggie. Everything else was
spot on.

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