Bitter Barista FIRED For Blog Brew-Ha-Ha

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Bitter Barista Fired For Blog Brew-Ha-Ha Bitter Barista Fired For Blog Brew-Ha-Ha Bitter Barista Fired For Blog Brew-Ha-Ha Ever wonder what your barista is t…


The Bright Side of Decaf says:

It is a barista trait to become worked up. But there is hope for us yet. 

LunaticFringeHunter says:

A degree in philosophy? You should have taken my advice and earned a degree
in Middle Earth Hobbit subdialects. Far more useful in the real world. : )

bobo johanson says:

how fucked up is that? it should be against the law to fire anyone for what
they say to someone or on the web on there own time.

32f23f2 says:

0:58 The most disturbing part of this video. Who is a moron reporter to
test whether he can make coffee or not. Isn’t it obvious he can? Dude even
acts surprised in the end. “NIIIICE”

LanyneBayne says:

im a barista too and sometimes when customers are idiots, i just think
about shitting in my own hands and rubbing it in my stupid fucking face

andi sonn says:

omg i am this barista. customers are effing idiots. listen, they come to
the shop and are like, can you make my latte like starbucks, and i’m like
raging inside and tell them, “you can walk two blocks down the street to
the nearest starbucks.” or “can u go get the recipe for me?” they look
confused then feel insulted. Would you go to Versace and ask them to make
you a dress by Fendi? It’s so disrespectful. OH i have soo much more
annoyances. I’ve grown so much as a person though.

andi sonn says:


Ryan Crase says:

totally rad!!! The website is hilarious.

Ed Crichton says:

scrambled egg head

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