Brew Buddies: Green Flash Brewing Co. Palate Wrecker Imperial IPA review

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My husband and I tackle the infamous Palate Wrecker and boy is it an intense one! Watch all the way till the end for a funny little extra! Cheers!


Ronald Theriot says:

It’s an “A+” (outstanding) for me!
Name the spider Gi-Gi.

Ryan Reschan says:

Hamilton’s is regularly voted one of the best beer bars in the country. I
used to be a fan of this beer but not so much these days.

Ethan's Beer Reviews says:

Hop heads love this brew as much as i do! I just did a Green Flash White
ipa review! Great review! cheers!

Brews UnderReview says:

I love this beer so dank and awesome great stuff guys Cheers!!

Rich's World Beer Tour says:

“Lovely Husband?!” I think you need to change it to handsome husband!
Great review and a great beer! Cheers Lauren!

nirvanafan21191 says:

Had this the first time at a beer festival and yeah it has a punch. But I
have to agree that I also love the bitter punch it has that then
relinquishes all the flavors it initially hides in this particular brew. We
have lots of those spiders in Mississippi too and call them “garden
spiders” as they tend to hide amongst the foliage in peoples’ yards. Great

Beer Sampling With Dave says:

Palate Wrecker, very good indeed. Try the Green Bullet that will be out in
late August….POWERFUL….with 10% ABV % 100+ IBU’s…many cheers!

CraftBrewChick says:

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