Brew Buddies: Westbrook Brewing Mexican Cake Imperial Stout review

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Possibly the best beer so far in 2014! Imperial Stout aged over cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and habanero peppers. Special released every May.


Rich's World Beer Tour says:

Sounds like a complex beer with all the things I like! If you ever find
another bottle, let me know. I’m sure I could offer up an incredible
Imperial stout from around here in a trade! Great review! Cheers!

dar482 says:

One of my favorite brews. I too am disappointed about not having this in my
gullet year round. Cheers!

AdamsCraftBeerChannel says:

Wow, this sounds frigin awesome. Definitely down my favourite route in the
beer style for sure! Shame I cant get hold of it here in the UK! booo!

Zachery Palmer says:

If you have another one I am looking to do a review on it, I have LOTS to

Brews UnderReview says:

Sounds damn good Cheers guys

DJs BrewTube says:

I gotta acquire a bottle of this somewhere down the line. Remember,
limited availability is one of the components that make special beers just
that, special. Nice review guys.

CraftBrewChick says:

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