Brewing a SMASH beer (and another No Sparge batch)

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SMASH = Singe malt and single hop. Also, I continue to experiment with No Sparge, which doesn’t seem to make a lot of difference in efficiency when using 10-…


mirogster says:

Don, how the heck are those stickers on the fridge back !? :)

donosborn says:

YES! I think it was called Black Eyed Katy at this time, circa 1997. Thanks
for the comment.

donosborn says:

Fair enough. They are also much more work to film and make. :) And I don’t
really have all that much more to show when brewing. But, if I think I have
something, I’ll try to make a vid.

patsfan1284 says:

Awesome video. Quick question, do you still use this method? I plan on
brewing this way this weekend. Thanks for all of your videos, I’ve really
learned a lot.

jbsg01 says:

I tried a no sparge last week for the first time, we’ll see how it turns

donosborn says:

The Mild was a No Sparge beer (like this one). But you are right, it was
NOT a SMASH beer.

Joe Nagy says:

always fun to watch a brewer how just loves the art of the brew and isn’t
trying to one up or blow anyone’s doors off. Keep it up, Don!

Stephen Cronin says:

nice tunes

donosborn says:

Ha! Great question. The answer: razor blades, time, and patience. I just
hope I don’t have to do it again for a long time. This is the “nicest” of
the 3 fridges I have had. The first two were free but I paid a whopping $50
or something for this one. fingers crossed.

donosborn says:

I have made two No Sparge beers I think, but that is it. I mean, there
isn’t a great reason not to make them, but I didn’t find there to be any
great difference. I think I get a little more efficiency with a sparge so I
just normally do it that way. But try it yourself and see if you notice any

Joe Homebrewing says:

1/2 oz packets? Wow. I just brewed my first SMaSH a couple months ago.
Maris Otter and Cascade.

Derek Burgette says:

I made a smash with cascade and Maris otter that turned out nice. Then did
the same with willamette dammit and it wasn’t nearly as nice. Still very
drinkable but not as tasty. It does tell you a lot about the different

rappy90 says:

Cool video, great pad you got, dig the diner style floor tiles haha

donosborn says:

Phish. I think it’s 1997 era. Song is “Moma Dance,” or might have been
called “Black Eyed Katy” back then. cheers.

James Mangan says:

Great video, Don! I’m a subscribed son of a gun, too. Loved the pint of
homebrew and Phish jams at 10am!

donosborn says:

You are definitely too kind. thanks!

donosborn says:

Thanks. I enjoy it too. Also, at 10 pm. :) cheers.

Andrew Renehan says:

I noticed when you get ready to boil your Pot is just about full. What do
you do to avoid boil overs?

Joe Hoot says:

nice video Don. I have yet to try a SMASH. But interestingly enough I just
bought the saranac 12-pack the other day that included a SMASH in it, and I
enjoyed it! I may try cloning that. I would imagine it is a lot easier to
clone a SMASH than other beers.

Clicklc1500 says:

Nothing but knowledge. Your the best YT brew master IMO. Keep it up and
thank you.

Steve Ellis says:

Great vid Don, how are you liking Maris Otter? It’s been my staple base
malt since day 1. SMASH some time this week for me too, Maris Otter and
either East Kent Golding or Fuggles or something else… I wish I could
make up my mind. Ok one, mash, split three ways and hopped separately.

matthewjago says:

Hang on, how do you do a SMASH mild??? Or did I hear you wrong.

Devon Homebrew says:

Northern Brewer hops omg lush.

donosborn says:

You’re welcome. Glad you like them. Good luck with your transition. You’ll
like it once you get there. :)

donosborn says:

I have only tasted one beer that I have made from it (the Mild) and it is
really nice. I need to do a tasting notes video follow up on that, my first
No Sparge beer. This SMASH is ready to be racked out of primary but I have
not done it yet. But yeah, the malt quality and taste of the Mild is really
nice, however there are specialty grains too. That is why I am hoping this
SMASH will really allow me to get a good idea of it. cheers.

Graham B says:

Great video Don, Im in the middle of the transition from extract to AG and
your vids are by far the most informative and easiest for me to understand.
Keep it up mate really enjoying your vids

donosborn says:

Don’t you know it. Winston Salem 1997.

Anthony Rapino says:

Another great video. I dig Phish playing in the background. Sounded like
“The Momma Dance?” I’ll have to give a SMASH a try pretty soon.

duckmanco04 says:

Cool, I’m with you on trying it, my next batch will be a 1.040 bitter no
sparge. I’m excited enough for the time savings, let alone the hopeful
flavor benefits. Great videos

punkmug says:

Black-Eyed Katy!

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