Carving a Knife, Some Food and a Brew

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Mike from Bushcraft Bartons challenged his viewers to carve a knife, and heat something drinkable in the woods. Here is mine :-)…


Bumbling Bushcraft says:

Made a mistake when I put in the music. Regular sound will be back soon…

bushcraftbartons says:

Thank you for your video. Raindeer (Caribou) meat made my mouth water :)
Like your teaching on picking up your garbage :)

bushcraftmyway says:

good luck with the contest!

PESKY46 says:

Congratulations on your fourth place finish.

MrSkooty1968 says:

Great video that,enjoyed watching
Atb Scott

billy joe denny says:

new sub here ,, great video brother,,good luck on mikes challenge..

Muskrat Jim says:

“You pick it up, and you throw it in” … very good reminder for all of us!
A nice knife you made there too… happy trails to you my friend.

Bushcraft knack says:

beautiful stuff. I love your woods. check my channel out if ya got the time-

Bushcraft knack says:

haha “pick it up with your hand and throw it in. let me repeat that.”

PitFireOutdoors says:

Excellent video and great looking knife!

Windham Woodcraft says:

Great video my good man! It isn’t easy to film in the wet weather, at least
for me! Lol. That looked so yummy! Made me hungry 😉 great work on the
knife I really enjoyed it. Take care -Chris

Chris Collier says:

Great video!
Nice and wet though…
Reindeer looked delicious! And the knife was mighty fine! 

Mary McN says:

Nice knife made in a misty setting! Cheers Mary

Kai Benjaminsen says:

Gratulerer med premie for “kniven”! :)

renter6 says:

This was pleasant. Such a mythic landscape, the first few minutes of
footage with that hillside and all the fog are great.

angrybuck1 says:

great fun thank you 😉 your knife looked like it would have a handle of
antler of some kind pretty cool cheers.

joel gion says:

Pretty nice movie Rune! Like Your vids, because they are really
unique,thank You! By the way: Do You live in Harstad or around there?
(…. I am asking because I´m going to be up there next year…. may meet
each other probably) Anyways…: have a good time!
Joel (from north of GER near Hamburg)

voodoopepper2008 says:

Oh boy what a meal!!!!!!!!!!! Great looking knife! Very cool relaxing

PESKY46 says:

Nice video. Hot food and drink sure gives you a lift on a cool, damp day
doesn’t it. Good luck with the challenge.

Ade Larsen says:

Sound only started at 9:40
Nice knife,
Are you enjoying the sommer Rune ?

NorwegianBushcraft says:

God sommer ja… Se lyst på det, du slipper i alle fall å bli solbrent!
Kul kniv, nå må jeg gjøre den der også.


M00nsplitter says:

Takk for denne videoen, Rune. Det var litt av Grete Roede snack du hadde
forresten. Du gjorde en grå og sur dag om til noe skikkelig gledelig med
denne ekspedisjonen. Jeg skulle ønske at jeg var like full av pågang på
slike dager,
Jeg likte godt musikken du valgte og må spørre hvem som spilte. 

Kai Benjaminsen says:

Rune!!! Du er “slem” som lager sånn mat, og spesielt når jeg ser dette så
tidlig på morgenen! 😉 Det så veldig godt ut. Og “kniven” så bra ut også.

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