Cheating can be Cool – Banned Cool Beer Commercial 2013

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Directed by Chris Stasiuk Agency: This is a cool beer presentation showing us that sometimes coming home early …


Sat Biswas says:

Ufff Cool! 

羽昔 says:

Cool …

Ronald Meeks says:

Screw it!!! Lets go.

Stefano Ballari says:


Billy Brasco says:

this would have sold so much fucking beer.

CrniWuk says:

cool story, bro.

Fabian Sosa says:

Cooolll Yeaahh XDDD

Kevin Rewolf says:

Cool …

vtory milk says:

now that’s really COOL

Lord Fabulous says:

lol funny 😀

wave wavehorse says:


Jdude124 says:

wow sweet Canadian commercial!

SparseGore75149 says:

hahahah lol

orianamusic says:

LOL! Love it!

whaddupwitdatbro says:

I LIKE this! That’s what I’m talking about!

33drewster says:

I was wondering where is the beer bottle in all of this?

Stay707High says:

Its Canadian.

sidmalicious says:

Would have been cooler if the beer was better. No, I don’t mean Bud Light,

Ameerah Beckom says:

who would have thought canada would be like this?? lol :)

B.I.G. Rich says:

Now that’s cool!

EweTube Rider says:

This is what the faces of those in danger of Gehenna Fire look like.

randomdude12367 says:


AwHellNo24 says:


Nini Le says:

How is this a 2013 commercial when it was uploaded in 2010?

Sonso Esparza says:

This is so AWESOME lol I would have LOVED 4 that to happen to me

kareokie says:

I would love to be in that guy’s shoes!

TheA10king says:


valkodav1996 says:


Andywarski says:

Hey I worked with her! lol

JavFoster says:

yes sir……….

Adam Šíra says:

Well atleast some guy has a good marriage ^^

Ashkan Ahmadi says:

i guess that’s what she was riding 😀

Frank Faggiani says:

Just bought a case of your KWEL beer and lovin it ! Watched a few of your
video’s and I’m still laughing, too funny guys, great video’s and great
beer !

dabairdz says:

Cool beer used to be so cheap

Vaeviktis says:


Digitom says:

It would be funnier if it was punchier and faster. the reveal of the girls
had an awkward timing to it. good job though.

SpecimenB says:


0ldFrittenfett says:

At first I thought “5 Bucks?!? wtf?” Then: “Ah… Canadian Money! “

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