COMMERCIAL Olympia Beer – It’s the water and a lot more (1979)

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titanramfan says:

It has the musical jingle but not the singing. Who remembers the
commercial, “Ice. Cold. To keep the flavor fre-esh. Ice. Cold. To keep the
flavor fre-esh…It’s the water…and a lot more”? Where’s that commercial?
I’d say I was 10 years old, 1974. Funny how I can still remember jingles
for beer and cigarettes from when I was wayyyyy too young to imbibe!

ethicomm says:

I remember the Oly jingle, “it’s the water, and a lot more. Oly, Oly,
Oly…” Back in the late 70′s I was of drinking age and living in Canada.
Are major brewers were represented by one union and were all on strike so
the Liquor Board was importing scads of Olympia here into BC. Olympia
wasn’t bad at all mind you, it was the only choice along with some crud
called Acme!

Cozy439 says:

WHo remembers (and can POST) the commercials about the “Artesians” that
brewed the beer and how Tuesday was there bowling night?

Steve Kostelecky says:

Thanks so much for sharing this.

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