Compilation of the Dos Equis Beer Commercials – The Most Interesting Man in the World

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He is The Most Interesting Man in The World and here is why. This is not my work, but it’s the most iconic alcoholic beverage advertising propaganda I’ve see…


Fish Belt says:

240p… we meat again

Sharon Choate' says:

do you know where I can get a life size cut out of him?

Lil'RedCorvette022 says:

He can tie his shoes…without crouching down.

Tabitha Henderson says:


The Gnostic Truth says:

Thanks, then I’ll say it again. Cheers.

David Stevens says:

well said haha

Emily Lucki says:

Looks like Chuck Norris has competition

DTkinetic says:

He won a talent show…without even entering.

wanquan6549 says:

I don’t always watch Dos Equis commercials… But when I do, I watch
minutes of them at a time.

Avery Wong says:

And this is where Top Gear got their ideas for introductions to the Stig.

adam cook says:

These commercials only use the peripheral route of persuasion, and do not
say anything about the product. That being said they are awesome.

Chris Gravey says:

I literally switched all my beer buying to Dos Equis because of these
commercials. (I get beer when I go to parties) Maybe this guy isn’t real…
but mad props to the idea of him and what it inspires us to be. Be
interesting, people

David Schlessinger says:

If you catch your wife sleeping with him, you give HER a high five.

OMGcat says:

<----I dont always look like this But when I do , I'm looking at the most
interesting man in the world

Bruno Munoz says:

People start lining up for his cinco de mayo party on ocho de febrero

Death Reaper says:

I don’t always watch porn, but when i do…..This guy has to get more ass
than a toilet seat….

KingCraze22 says:

I bet you’re a blast at parties

Kle7777 says:

I don’t always recycle my empty bottles, but when I do, people think I’m a
raging alcoholic.

fldonnab says:

I wanna see him parallel park a train

WhiteEmerald1991 says:

He was accepted into Harvard University, before he was born.

WhiteEmerald1991 says:

He don’t have epiphanies. Epiphanies have him.

RAM134519 says:

His dog trains people to roll over!

resevil2396 says:

I just tried one of these, and these commercials were pretty much the sole
reason. Its actually pretty good!

PezCandyDispensers says:

I dont always drink beer… but when I do… Its never in any of the
commercials im in. (Not one sip)

Smosh says:

stay thirsty my friends

zestydude87 says:

He once parallel parked a train…

brent carlson says:

Doctor’s wait in the waiting room for him.

rich763690 says:


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