Coors Light Summer Brew The Spit or Swallow Beer Review

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Shagdog & Jammer kick it off with Coors Light Summer Brew. Brewed by: Coors Brewing Company Colorado, United States Beer Advocate BA Score: 67 The Bros Score…


Ronald Theriot says:

I didn’t hate this “beer”.

MyTruRevu says:

Shagdog & Jammer kick it off with Coors Light Summer Brew!

cs1992 says:

I have no desire to try this. Coors Banquet is a great beer though. If only
I could find Coors Extra Gold as well.

Jammer Fan says:

Oh, snap! You guys know Ronald Theriot?

He’s a pretty prolific reviewer. I come across his shit when I read rate
beer and da’ advocate.

This beer looks shit but I’m sure Shagdog would like it, because it’s a
macro shit lager.

Just kidding! Shagdog’s verbal essays about Miller Highlife and
Americanism, well, let us say I enjoy them!

Regular Coors light has its place in the world but FUCK THIS BEER IN THE

rugby721 says:

It looks it is raining cats and dogs there.

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