Easy Home Brewing with a Cooper’s Micro Brew Kit

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This is a great way to acquire the equipment you’ll need to make your first, and many batches of home made beer. Easy, satisfying, and inexpensive. Go to htt…


Paul Daly says:

Great video. Thanks very much for making and sharing it. I just got one of
the newer coopers kits and thought your video was a clearer guide!

DarkEagle99 says:

Just mixed in and started my very first batch, made a crapload of misstakes
but im praying and hoping it wont be a disaster :D

Sureste Brewing says:

Good video for beginners!! My episode 4 goes in a similar way.

Matt Reilly says:

great video! thanks for making it.

John Gould says:

I enjoyed this. I purchased a can of coopers to use with my own equipment.
Tomorrow morning. Thank you. John in Indiana.

anyoldtoss says:

Great “How To” video,thanks.

Dan Webster says:


Andrew Judware says:

i heard the music and I knew it was you. You have helped me completely
your videos are amazing! Thank you! I am French Canadian and I can’t wait
to visit again! Thank you for your knowledge and your know how! I would
love to try one of your brews compared to mine! My next well my two or
three later will be one of yours (I need to get my stock up so I can stop
buying beer!) and I will make sure that your video is current so you have a
current brew at home! :)

TheSignGuy32 says:

Hello Craig, I just finished making a All Grain brew. After 2 days of
fermenting it stopped bubbling. I don’t have a thermometer around it so I
don’t know the temp of the beer. Should I be concerned????

Godunderthehood says:

We’ll I didn’t realize at the time u could brew without cooking……didn’t
mean to be ignorant…been doin it for a while but guess I still got stuff
to learn

JohnBoy1776 says:

Are you an albino?

markus boniface says:

hi craig i made the beer to the way you said but i dropped the packet of
yeast on the floor. the homebrew shop was not open till 10am giving me
approx 17hours to wait before i added my yeast, i managed to maintain the
tempreture on the wort . will it be ok to add yeast now at this late

Godunderthehood says:

That isnt much of a challenge

dazbone says:

great video i am about to try my first ever brew!!!!

TerryOBriensHomeBrewers says:

This is a great way to acquire the Coopers home brew equipments you’ll need
to make your first, and many batches of home-made beer easily, satisfying
and affordable

100roberthenry says:

hi craig: great videos man!…ive just made my first kit brew, when i added
the yeast i didn’t stir it would this be a problem?…i noticed you said
you can stir or you don’t…what will be the difference not stirred?..
cheers man! rob.

ten40tv says:

Where’s the specialty grains and hops. All we saw go in there is malt
extract sugar and water. I’m confused.

Luke Ashworth says:

This video explains allot of effective methods not explained in the DVD
that comes with the kit.

adam brown says:

Fucking home brewer! go drink a 40oz of malt liquor then make a real video

CraigTube says:

It’s no big deal. If the foam has died down around the sides, gently take
out the ring. There’s no need to worry about this, I’ve left the dam thing
in for a week before :).

Justin Hill says:

Heya brew newbie here. A friend told me to get some dvds to have on hand.
the links below, but have any good suggestions of Home Brew videos for a
DVD player? Thanks! I kind of like the sound of Honey beer… almost like a


hi craig , im new to this game , how do get a smooth bitter like english
john smiths or guinness draught , do i just leave the carbonating bit out ,
hope this isnt a daft question.

Ronald van Dijk says:

How much is the Kit?

thepopeofdope1 says:

your dumb first thing about brewing beer is quality of the water fucking

jhny777 says:

Craig can you use a brew to compare the taste of the brew to?

Al Paca says:

I bought this kit the christmas before last and I’ve since done 8 brews
using this hardware, so far it has really stood the test of time and
assuming you clean it all properly and take care of it, you’ll have gallons
and gallons and gallons of yummy scrummy lager for years to come 😀

Stephen Turley says:

Hi Criag. Never brewed before. Bought the equipment and a kit on Ebay and
just doing some research before I start brewing.Love your vids.Very
informative.One question though. My kit that’s coming has a fermenting
bucket and a barrel yet that kit only seem to have the barrel.Do I actually
need to use the fermenting bucket?

BeerBrewingNinja says:

Quite sad for you then, considering when home brew is made properly, it is
superior to most ‘commercial’ beers. I would nearly guarantee that the
problems were either the brews had too much simple sugar added (trying to
go for too much alcohol), or cleaning + sanitisation standards werent all
too good… Or even the beers hadnt been aged for long enough (ie drunk
when under 2 weeks post-bottling)…

peerada kanti says:

how many time, you can brew on the kit?

Rogger Thomas says:

i must admit, insides of my 30l plastic water container is rough, has
several vertical lines ( comparable to deep scratches). it is advisable to
use this container as a fermenter , given its hard to clean. i noticed that
in some of your videos you had mentioned , to make sure not to scratch the
plastic inner surface of the fermenter while cleaning.

Colin O'Connor says:

Thanks for these videos. Have started brewing & am getting good beer out of

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