Fred and Barney for Busch Beer

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Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble extol the joys of Busch Beer in this excerpt from a Busch-produced promotional short geared For Employees Only.


angryniggah says:

it took me 5 year butt i finally got the “ending”…in the end. you see,
the dart-board’s…er, bird’s butt was representative of the end of the
cartoon, for you see, the end always comes at the rear.

Lon Wall says:

The boss is a boozehound!


No one bought the beer in this cartoon!

Aspie Otaku says:

IPA ftw!

Aspie Otaku says:

Yeah Winstons.

TheTarheel2011 says:

just didn’t know cuz I was born in ’86!!

Lide The Righting says:

Oh No! Gee golly. Not Alcohol…

Raeleka says:

This things were normal back in the day when the censorship wasn’t too
sensible and many companies supported TV shows and other events to
advertise their product, but hey at least you don’t see “dick in the butt”
Jokes like today’s TV Shows.

jake says:

“How can they miss with that target advertising?” “Right on target, fred” I
see what you did there….

Epsilonsama says:

Gotta bring some Busch for that job interview!

Alan Garrison says:


corbenfan84 says:

the Flintstones selling cigarettes and beer

kaplowysmurf says:

Fred and Barney went to work the next day with massive hangovers , puked
all over the dinosaurs and Mr. Slate canned them again .


Hey…wait a minute. Rubble never worked at the Quarry – only one episode,
when he took Fred’s job. Great stuff, though! Gimme a Busch!

moeron271 says:

Not one of those patrons paid for their beers.

macroevolve says:

Note : If my Boss fires me, get him drunk to rehire me and give me a raise.

macroevolve says:

Is the Family Guy the modern equivalent to the Flintstones? Isn’t FG on in
the evening like the Flintstones were?

Dereck Gilbert says:

They’re better off at the stone quarry where they belong.

Jefte Martinez says:

When will you retards learn that cartoons back then were made for ADULTS!!
NOT KIDS! They were shown before watching a movie in a car theater. Hence
the fucking name, CAR TOONS!!

DanZero77 says:

Say what you want about how this advertising wouldn’t fly in this day and
age, at least this one tries to be like a mini-episode in and of itself,
it’s worth it just for that

Wayne Humfleet says:
Seba Corsair says:

Like Bugs Bunny, Simpsons on Tracy Ullman Show, ect.

jeffrey lien says:

keep in mind when the Flintstones aired in 1960 is was a adult series based
on the Honey Mooner’s this was Not a child’s cartoon until the late
sixties. in reruns

Mitchell Link says:

At 2:21 Barney sounds like Marvin the Martian

Jerry Davis says:

Fred and Barney prefer Busch Beer.

sandra patterson says:


isellthedead13 says:

I couldn’t disagree more. lol. You need to start tasting your way around
some micro brews.

AryanBarbarian777 says:

@dodgecity93 I know, beer is the one thing America can’t do better than the
rest of the world.

Dante Brazwell says:

RIP George Lein. You could but those Busch back in the early 80′s like a

IMaDEM0N says:

I thought these two worked in a Rock Quarry…When did they buy a bar?!

LadyRocknessmonster says:

i love this!!!!!!!!! thank you for posting it!

mitchell5027 says:

those two just basically druged their boss into a raise

Jaden Princeton says:

Yabba Dabba Brew!

ExistentialCatholic says:

Maybe they will bring them back in 20 years to advertise marijuana.

Tomyotan says:

Two women with five o’ clock shadows… How mentally deficient do they
think their boss is?

John Smith says:

That’s quite a stretch for a lame joke

Danny Cunniff says:

the fuck is this shit haha

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