From Scotland to Georgia. Kazbegi beer commercial

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Georgian beer Kazbegi.


EmperorofTerra says:

@Rdk3000 btw, Moon, Sun and Mars do belong us, as do all your base.

EmperorofTerra says:

@Rdk3000 lol, you didn’t get the point of this commercial. The cot guy
travelled from Scotland to the high mountains of Georgia, just to taste a
cup of “Kazbegi”

TSsharaba says:

haha magaria :DD

KartvelianHeritage says:

;-))))))))))) OoooooooooPaa ;-)))

George agladze grusin says:

@bakradze1 dzalian mainteresebs vin xar da ra ici shen me ra gadavige?
vicnobt ertmanets?

GeorgianFighters says:


Super199615 says:

magaria :D

GeorgianSoldier121 says:


EmperorofTerra says:

@bealtown this was not a glass.

bealtown says:

@bealtown And that vessel is a mug, made of pewter.

kalebind says:


bealtown says:

@EmperorofTerra : You don’t drink beer out of a ‘cup’. It’s called a glass.

tamolb says:

haven’t seen this, Its AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

giorgi bakradze says:

dzlivs ar gadaige agladze ragac :D isic moklea :D

MsLoveWorld says:

“braveheart:-is gavlena igrdznoba :D :D :D

Rezo Chigogidze says:

very funny :D

EmperorofTerra says:

es magari iko :D

Marika Chikvashvili says:

This commercial is awesome in too many ways for me!!!

brdzolisunariani says:

კარგია ,მაგარია. ხალხო წერეთ ქართულად! რატომ იყენებთ ლათინურს?

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