Funny Beer Commercial – Heineken – Walk In Closet

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Close A funny beer commercial from Heineken – walk in cloth closet versus walk in beer closet.


David Cortright says:

My all time favorite beer commercial!

bballercameron says:

lol haha that is freaken funny lol bear anyone???

2011saira says:

There faces are halarious!:D hahahaha

chungafrescor says:


bballercameron says:


darkgalg says:

lol XD

Edi Wibowo says:


MsUnsophisticated says:


aiyasable says:

I lucky that i am a man lol

OhhKillcam says:

God I so wanna Beer now

Xinqi Shao says:

seems stupid…but I love it hahahahahahahahahaha

vvochangyih says:

Call me Beercules

Faisal Adlan says:

i have see this video 40 times, and stil laughing

Victoria Lual says:

this is the funniest darn commercial i’ve ever seen!

Zgriffen1 says:

I’ve been looking for this commercial for the longest time! It’s so freakin

StagnantExistance says:

Had it been some proper beer …

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