Funny Beer Commercials! (Part 1of3)

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Part 1: This is my compilation of very funny beer commercials. (17 Clips) Needless to say without german beer commercials ’cause they are almost all unamusin…


António Faceira says:

Hi! I’m searching for a beer tv commercial where a rich woman on a
limousine recovered a bum, burnt his clothes and introduce him at the
rich’s world. At the end he refuses the «fine drink» and goes for the

Any clues about it?


Klaus Ecke says:

Cool and creative :)

WedemarkerESC says:

actually there is a german beer with funny commercials : Flensburger
“Flens” Pilsener ;)

coverdeciption says:

you Burger makes the best and funniest Ad in da world … greetz from
Germany ;) PS: amerikanisches Bier schmeckt wie Pisse :P Noooot !

TheBlackDuty says:

Of course our beer, the german, is the best. We do it the same way for 500

coverdeciption says:

@mCHbCK nice to know, it was just a joke ^^

lateinabwaehler93 says:

0:55 is the best!!!

Rodney McKay says:

Ich bin nicht armsehlig, ich hab sogar sehr viel Sehle, aber vielleicht
meinst du ich sei profitgeil.. ^^

Zensensei says:

Low Five !!! 06:00

David Barth says:

from 1:07! :DDDD

darksidokiller says:

have wehre the link from the video by 4 minuts?Pls of german the link.

Joshua Perez says:

What game are you watching? HAHA

mCHbCK says:

Dann hoffe ich für die Menschheit, dass du niemals für irgendwen Texte von
oder ins Englische übersetzen musst…

Rodney McKay says:

*Dussel Wenigstens behersche ich eine Sprache perfekt. =P

Rodney McKay says:

Hahn is german and means chicken.

scoobiesmackies says: pls add me on lockerz >FWB<… thx

ChiLLaTzE35 says:

awesome XD

MrItachiwiesel says:


coverdeciption says:

i love aviator ^^

mickslovespuds1 says:

You’re the man for posting this…. men thank you everywhere

Alejandro Katz says:

fix the sound!!! goddamn

Matthias H says:

05:42 the best….

mCHbCK says:

@coverdeciption No, “Hahn” means rooster or cock… ;-)

coverdeciption says:

sicher nicht ;) … ein s vergessen, bist du armsehlig^^

VideoSuperMaster says:

3:55 Oh well, his liver was about to give out anyway.

LiiiKeAbOzZzZ says:

Hamma nice clip ich würd lieber viel mehr daumen hoch geben als diese1:D

JoWoGoe says:

you must be lovin’ bud and heineken… or bud and heineken are the only
companys which make good ads.

coverdeciption says:

Hahn, in german it means cock or in our lang. dick^^

RossiAssen says:

thnx for this comp, very funny

OldBeerDrinker says:

I love any kind of Beer since 1961

Rodney McKay says:


windysungsung says:

wassup jenny

coverdeciption says:

cock du Dusel :P

cray fish says:

10:01 to skip the ads

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