Funny beer commercials! (Part 2of3)

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Part 2: This is my compilation of very funny beer commercials. (18 Clips) Including commercials from: Bud Light Budweiser Foster’s Hahn Heineken Holsten Hunt…


coverdeciption says:

smyle baby is so good

realm126 says:

4:53 wtf mate thats alchohol abuse!

phatmonkey007 says:

great comps lol thanks

Tobi Tequila says:


Federico Colosio says:

No it was heineken also known as horse piss

prInceKizKekUn says:

the first part was really fun !! hope this one is wickedly fun too !!!

DerHerrmitKrawatte says:

4:55 I felt it too… That pain…

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