funny beer review

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my holy grail pale ale…way better fresh from keg…


jason davies says:


Skucey67 says:

Nice one the interruption was so funny….ps love the trailer vid…cheers

Brewdad75 says:

Haha nice! Cheers

patsfan1284 says:

Awesome opener man!

patsfan1284 says:

Which one of you dingleberries LOL!!!!!!

MrSnafu44 says:

looks good man especially in that ice cold glass , think ill have to go to
the fridge lol

jason davies says:

i had the hose on the wort chiller lol and i had a few to drink…so
yeah…it was spraying on the porch… cheer’s

jason davies says:

yeah i clean well… i used to differant yeast…the first keg i put the
beer with the us 05…second one had a belgium liquid strain in it…not
sure i liked the liquid yeast that much…

underthetablebrewing says:

Is this the one I have J? Love that.. Which one of you dingleberries is
flooding my porch?!!”

cfwolnia says:

haha Keg should be the same as bottle. Especially at just 1 month. weird.
do you use a dip tube brush? Hope all is well. Cheers man!!

ClementsHomebrew says:

Glad you left the “digleberries” comment in the video. Hilarious!!! Is this
the beer that you sent to me? I’ll be drinking it today on HBW. CHeers!

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