Funny commercial from budweiser!

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distorteddogma says:

Perfect. Be Well.

yogurtpimp says:

wonde wat music dat is

Tyler Hausman says:


YayOrNay says:


Megan Fairless says:

i love this!!!

RacingGirlyxox says:

Dale Jr. Oh my lord. I do love nascar. and every driver/crew member/etc
that I know :)

zipp4mitten says:

This isn’t mine lol i bet he feels like a DA

jman1gall1 says:

i love those old corvettes they dont make themt hat kl ne more bigger fan
of the 72 stingray

Sonnie Smith says:

rofll ,, lmfaooo

KaraUniversity says:

That was funny! Why was it banned? And it was a commerical for bud…not
condoms. Not that I was excited about seeing a commercial about
condoms…just saying.

HenryS1986 says:


susuaa2000 says:


DiverseLA says:

ah thank yew fergaht sumthin

loveisblue512 says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. “this isn’t mine” :

reywillALWAYSwin says:

was that dale Jr.? (i think so because at the end it said budwieser and
dale Jr. drives the budwieser car)

SgtAnderson1968 says:

shit she stole his car

Jessica Marie says:


Lynelle Hinkley says:

Isn’t that Dale Jr?

ilyskullsnbones says:

lmfao. i think someone learned their lesson XD

adelos OA says:

i call that fucked up

JimmyBrus says:

forest gump??

Sharie Beth says:

thats not a condom commercial… >_> still funny though

Nosyarg9 says:


Naruto6344 says:

Damn…he got his shit served back at him. owned~

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