Funny Guinness Beer Commercial

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Funny Guinness Beer Commercial.


Ashley Mofford says:

y dont u shut the hell was freakin banned for a reason that is why u
dont see this dirty shit on the fucking tv.dont u think that what ever
fucking common sense said that the advertiser put it on u tube because it
is a fucking u should be the one sucking the fucking balls in the
fucking commercial

SigBob says:

Really!? do you work at bitchs rights???

Luiz Octávio says:

:O WTH?!?! this is a joke, right? fuck you, Guinness beer.

Eduar Vidales says:

Tony Trevino says:

Anyone for a Guinness?

André Siemssen says:

Share with your friend ;)

Jonathan-Maxime Noah says:

wow! how do you make this funny sexy commercial

XxBladeOfFluffyxX says:

@theeldergoth what so you think it’s a guy sucking someones balls and get
fuck in the ass and rub his own balls on the other other balls

o0FarrenFoxx0o says:

i’m female, and i foudn that freaking hilarious. especially when the 2nd
hand comes in.

N1CC0LO says:

can any1 say cakes?

Luis Soares says:

@AlternativeRobbie Maybe it isnt a woman!

TX Leprechaun says:

Aint this some shit…..i have to watch a commercial to watch a commercial.

42luckyben says:

Guinness + Sex = BRILLIANT!

Igor Cvjetinovic says:

you people are so hard,this is a fucking funny commercial,why do you must
analize averything :S :S

bdayqueen says:

damn, that’s some sharing!!

123philip321 says:

nice nice

malicelol says:

you should get that dick out of your ass this is best beer commertial in

sabian16 says:

best ad ever

MrEdisonfernando says:

thats goodddddddddddd

Pope OFerris says:

No way! The bitch would spill my beer!

seth anderson says:

This Commercial was hilarious..

sgtkar98 says:

I thought that was an arm,like in many other ads like that.

fireshine says:

@AlternativeRobbie you go

StevenBirdsallNEVETS says:

can you spell pussy fart

AlternativeRobbie says:

@excelmaster7 Like I mentioned, I’m not a feminist. When did I state women
never deserve a slap? And I don’t understand why people are jumping all
over my comment lightly saying it’s degrading to women. Maybe because
they’d rather make fun of me than actually sacrifice their approval of a
dumb banned commercial? I’m simply defending myself and my opinion here. it
wasn’t even me who used the word dispicable. I agree that there should be
an international Prostate cancer awareness month.

excelmaster7 says:

@AlternativeRobbie It’s much more despicable to propose to a woman… on
your knees.

Loch Ness says:

when the second add came up i was like YES

shakimaro says:

@shutupanddance I disagree. the low is in the women themselves who agree to
this kind of thing. Don’t mad at the men or ads, be mad a the women who did
it in the first place.

espijetmech says:

I think I know that girl.

TrungVitLon1 says:

hay tuyệt 4 some à

Richard Thompson says:

@roni1983 “she is just simething all the men”, so are you saying she get
nothing out of it ? she doesn’t get a drink because she is too busy, which
in turn could be offensive to the beer! “heterosexual porn, which is all
about giving pleasure to men by degrading women.” Erm.. are you kidding me!

zizek says:

Drinking Guinness from a cold bottle. Fags are doing it wrong.

Missionary says:

bAHAHAA. unreal

fireshine says:

@MsTruthkills see my reply to PhantomsHorridC

fireshine says:

Sorry, I didn’t quite understand your comment but I think I got the gist
of it. I’m not against sexual pleasure, on the contrary. Sure, there’s some
nice porn, usualy indie porn made by women, which isn’t just about a woman
getting fucked in every hole she has by as many objects and people (or
animals) as possible. That doesn’t refute my arguments. @Musemistress

Stan De La Cruz says:

fucking awesome!

MsChBong says:

i could really go for a beer

Andrea Holiday says:

The fact that the woman is an OBJECT instead of a human being (hence her
lack of identity and face) this is degrading. She’s not a person, she’s
just a body.

TheSimaki says:

is so offensive to women commercial! ‘share one with a friend’, what, like
a woman is a kind of object that you can use her?? why didn’t they put a
man in the commercial?? would men like that?

centrifuge101 says:

you’d run out of holes

Obediah17 says:


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