Great Funny Beer Ads Commercial

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Edgar Frambach says:

Schöne Bierwerbung.

Simon Gakonya says:

How To sell Beer: Great Funny Beer Ads Commercial

jake morgan says:

+1 if you love this commercial

jake morgan says:

nice ass

RJsYourBOSS says:

what a tease DX

Marcus J says:

Oh my God! I want to drink that beer, and I don’t even take alcohol! Most
effective commercial ever!

Joontee1 says:

‘n only

James says:

i will think of this beer as beauty, but something that will always end
with a disapointment. UNLESS I SEE SOME NEKed BOOTAy

lgttb1 says:

the two men are tools

85Aheadstix says:

@SandiLynnMorris You could have whatever you want if you did that on my lap
hunny! ;P

Fernygabriel says:

Como se llama esta hermosura?

LaughsAlot003 says:

If i was that guy i would’ve been like FUCK lol

mulham etki says:

wooow :D

85Aheadstix says:

@JanErikEdvartsen Its ARSE!, not ass! An ASS is a donkey!.

tacticalops89 says:

cant blame a dude for trying

oldstvital2 says:

some guy out there gets to bang that everynight…..lucky sob

Prka01 says:

@matthewnittolo Then let the sin begin.

Liam Trawick says:


TheLudmi says:


nevadabboko says:

the girl is too athletic – the boy is too gay …

Micr0chase says:

So if she does what the beer does… what happens when he drinks it?

*The Brave One* says:

Damnit gotta find a way to fk that bottle

SandiLynnMorris says:

men. and they wonder how we always get what we want ;)

Luka Stankovic says:

0:34 OMG !!!

dondude69 says:

She’s HOT!!!

laconeja9 says:


SteveC935 says:

Brazillian Supermodel Pietra Ferrari. Did posing for their issue of playboy
down there. Who says nothing is perfect?

Salah Doulfi says:

No bikini off, no like

bitza eu says:

my god what bikini:O

MarioFan124 says:

I’m not gay but if I had that bottle, I’d be tempted to throw it and see
what happens. I could create the first flying woman.

85Aheadstix says:

What is the name of stunning girl in the add??

Jan Erik Edvartsen says:

0:33 – that ass! Incredible!

sweethearts10154 says:

0:58 pahahaha you got told lmfao

Victor Tadeu Oliveira says:

OK, this commercial sell us like a bunch of bitches, but the Bavaria beer
best of Brazil?!!? This beer here is not even among the five best-selling
and it’s HORRIBLE!!! no one drink it here!

Luka Stankovic says:

0:33 OMG !!!

superdiovis says:

thats one lucky bikini

MadCanine says:

Idea stolen from “Beck’s”, Germany.

Nick Stratos says:

0:33 :)

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