Hamms Beer Commercial – Vintage Boxing reel

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Old Black and White Hamms Beer commercial featuring Pro Boxer Rocky Marciano. Enjoy.


ThePretzelHead says:

ray scott, minnesota twins, hamm’s beer, the triumvirate

nodnarbdoowron says:

haha love it

jpcfit says:

Isn’t that Ray Scott’s voice?

gingergargoyle says:

Do you remember what year this was made?

regressing2apes says:

poor rocky

Jackson Rohrbaugh says:

“Wouldn’t a cold Hamm’s taste good right now” um, yes. I have one in my

vickeryhal says:

Yes. Ray Scott did Hamm’s commercials for several years.

rush1er says:

LOL, White people, we’re so awesome!

greek1237 says:

Marciano was retire during this commercial, unbeating at 49-0 with 43 ko’s.
Perhaps 50-0 and 44 knockouts if you count the Hamms Bear. lol.

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