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madzooone says:

Jaan Pehechaan Ho(To know each other)………..watch?v=FyEnG_DEB1I

Tomoyuki Watanabe says:

Cheers!!!... from Tokyo-JAPAN.

Stratau says:

who directed this ad?

The Argyfication says:

The asian girl stole my heart

Antonio Hidalgo says:

Love this ad!

Ronnie Rocket says:

This ad is not bad.

Vatchara Saicheur says:

Cool Heineken ads2012

Kurt Mifsud Bonnici says:

One of the best beer ads I’ve seen in a while.

sean simmons says:

If i switch to Heineken, i wondering if i will become that cool!

Dhruv Panchal says:

Infusion of Rafi Saheb on Global scale in 2012!! Gotta love it!!!!

Guest1001 says:

Huh. I thought that was a Chinese song since the whole advert has an Asian
vibe. The girl is gorgeous, by the way. Interracial dating for the win. ^_^

Fill3rz says:

What’s the name of the song?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

andomez says:

@MrJschaap i know what you mean. but i’ve noticed that about so many other
products as well. take matthew mcconaughey’s perfume commercial, for
example. it literally is him walking around getting his picture taken by
paparazi, and then he sits on a couch, shirtless, at the end; and the
perfume bottle just pops up on a corner of the screen. advertising truly is
a conniving industry. George Carlin said it best: advertising just exploits
your fears and insecurities

Sarah Persaud says:

lol ttylxox that means talk to you later hugs and kisses!!!!

cryptic828 says:

wtf is KEV JUMBA doing in a beer commercial lol

chivita1061 says:

i have always enjoyed heineken commercials

srhsfootball75 says:

Anyone seen the english version?

C Deen says:

: ) mmm love it

Andreo Naymayer says:

@fantex20101 obrigado cara!

poptate7 says:

Not just hater hanktoni, you are a loser too, get a life man!

thuder30 says:

I am fucking to death of seeing this fucking commercial every FUCKING
where!! GRR

MrJschaap says:

I am not impressed with this commercial, it does not say anything that
would attract me to Heineken, if I had not drank this beer before. I was
very disappointed in this add, with the lack of character for the product
in question.

Eden Vasev says:

Cet homme ressemble beaucoup comme Vincent Cassel, n’est-ce pas.

Frank Laursen says:

Great music *LOOOOL* I just love it :-)

GreenDayPunk1212 says:

harlem shake=)) 1:12

nikolas horzum says:

1:09 beeeeeeeeest :DDDDDD :)

psychonaut25 says:

It’s like from tarantinos movie

Sarah Persaud says:


t86438 says:

who is that intoxicating hot guy? he made my noon even hotter

nexus23x says:

Guy looks like Dirk Nowitzki

YougiTune says:

I love this song so damn much. It’s funny.

Pedro Luiz says:

Best commercial.Best beer

Belu Arredondo says:

estuve buscando este comercial porque me cagaba de la risa en el minuto
1:11 :’) jajajaja

primeop02 says:

came on here just to say how FUCKING annoying this advert is, almost every
fuckin youtube video has this on for 30 seconds and you cant fuckin skip it

Hector Infante says:

@ibtambone hi the song is called Jaan Ho Pehechaan

edward rivas says:

lol i dont know why but i kinda like this song… its mysterious… and
whoever dreampt this video up is a genius….it fits the situation like ojs

biswaly says:

The commercial of last year was better than this

bero231 says:

Free: Repeat Button: 0:00 or 1:10 (for the best part) – I know it: The
Worst Part: 1:32, just hate it Came here for this part 1:10 because you
like the song: Jan Pehchan Ho – Mohammed Rafi Link for the song:
/watch?v=XnBbjc5hmho No problem 😉

matthew eyre says:

Who sings the song

billy bob says:


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