Heretic Brewing Company: The First Brew Day

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Jamil Zainasheff and Chris Kennedy brew Heretic’s first-ever batch of beer: Tafelbully, a Belgian-inspired table beer based on a recipe from our friend Matt …


allgrainbrewer10 says:

Nice camera work Moscow!

mbcyclery says:

@rlynge i’m a few hours away and they haven’t made it to me yet! :(

rlynge says:

I wish these were going to be distributed to FL. If I ever got to
California, I will have to befriend a heretic.

superscottify says:

Isn’t there a Jamil Show episode where he claims that he’s no fan of dry
hopping Belgians? I’m pretty sure he say’s it screws up the brews. No? I
could be wrong, but if I’m not I think they call that selling out.

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