Hetalia World Series Official Dub clip – Germans and beer

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Natalie Ayala says:

English Prussia: Hahahahaha
Japanese Prussia: KESESESESESESESESESE!!!!! xD

Gilbert Beilschmidt says:

Ze awesome beer brings awesome tears to mein awesome eyes

francisco cervantes says:

All the hetalia videos I try to watch don’t let me so I wont subscribe

PandaSaurus says:

Shows 2 minute clip of hetalia : You fucking bitch! You spoiled like half
of that episode! The story of life

ShiTsukiKage says:

One word: AWESOME

Gilbert Belischmidt says:


It is ze beverage of life!

Jane Dollson says:

Prussia… my god. xD An Germany… this is why I luv Hetalia!

Kayla Braginski says:

Prussia’s levels of worry:
1st-question you
2nd-make fun of you
3rd-get scared
4th-start making fun of you again…

dana hansler says:

I Want a show With Prussia to xD

Hailey Best says:

~ you hate all things that are naked and fun

starlywing says:

gilbird :D

Aahlaysia Gentry says:

why do I have to laugh like prussia kun…

Nata-Lee Grant says:

You hate all thing that are nude and fun.
Me: With good reason, Prussia. With good reason.

Patrick Mitchell says:

I just want a mini show with prussia and germany XDDD

ShiTsukiKage says:

Now you’re wreally startin to fweak me out

dana hansler says:


dana hansler says:


Czech Republic APH says:

Like always, The Prussia I grew up with stay’s the same.

Chiga-kun Starnip says:

Nudy and fun? Germany had no problem asking if Japan wanted his back washed
while completely naked :P

Redwall Chick says:

Holy crap, that last part, where Prussia’s got the band aid on his head.
His voice actor sounded like he was about to mess up! xD NICE SAVE~!

Rachel Solack says:

I really don’t like beer….
It tastes awkward and it gives you a beer gut.

maria garcia says:

Is it wrong that I laugh with Prussia/Gilbert?

dawn lee says:

Prussia’s laugh gets me every time xDD

Fudge_buckets says:

I torture my sis like that, but not wish beer…. cause I lost mai dad to
alcohol poisoning, now me and mai sis refuse to even look at the stuff.

Slimy Weasles says:

Poor Germany.

Seren Dere says:

“You hate all things that are nudey and fun…” xD

Elise Alex says:

Gilbird! :3

Sakura Honda says:

Sometimes I find it a bit hard to believe that those two are brothers.
They’re so different. But then again, who can hate them for it? :3

Pretty-Kitty-123 says:

Germany: I can’t even look at it..

*pictures of beer everywhere*

Creepypasta juice says:

Its just beer

RiLey jo Jones says:


Feliciano Vargas says:


ShadowedEntity0607 says:

XD I love it when he is in chibi form and is on top of germany screaming
“BEER! BEER!” lol i laughed so hard xD

Esperanza DeHoyos says:

Who threaten Germany

Ny Van says:

Sorry, just stating an opinion. 

MacyPooh196 says:

I think Prussia’s voice actor must have an eternal sore throat. He’s always
playing people who scream lol

Jacob Kirkland says:

Oh my gosh I just love Prussia I was laughing hard everytime

Ludwig Germany Beilschmidt says:


Selene Volke says:

Oh my god, your name XD

Angrypanties99 says:

1:15 Y’know part of why I’m so awesome ist ’cause I drink beer. Ze awesome
taste of zis stuff brings awesome tears to my awesome eyes. Yep, ist true.
I love it. (zis one’s salty zo.) Heheh… x)

Sophia Johannssen says:

I literally just started this series yesterday and I showed my dad, who
hates anime, and he loves it!!!!!!

epicfacepanda says:

has anyone accidentally type hentia to look up hetalia

Kathy Hernandez says:

Prussia is fucking awesome cx

I have no life says:

I was acting like Prussia when my sister wouldn’t watch any anime. (she
loves anime)

Miabia1000 says:

That awesome Prussian….

neenneenangel says:

O-o * frightened* he’s too drunk

Gilbert Beilschmidt says:

“You know. Part of zhe reason I’m so awesome is because I drink beer, ja,
it’s so true, I love it” Awesome.

DumbleDora TheExplora says:

Germany was really freaking me out O_O

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