Home Brew Wednesday 64

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Updates, last week’s and this week’s vids. About 5 seconds of brew day footage. Rambles and a rainbow.


norfolkhillbilly says:

Great ones guy`s enjoyed the interview with Tony to. cheers

BHbrewing says:

Sweet chamber. Awesome hops. Ready to buy tickets and drink done beer!

Grant Baker says:

That is a pretty rainbow. Antics…? ye guys a re quality. Big congrats to
you guys for hubing the hubs… and yer placing. Well done. HHBW

BrewingwithBill says:

Hell of a hop haul. And fermentation chamber is looking pretty sweet guys.
I’m with Elder P here. In bed a t 9;15 on date night. Cheers guys, 17!

AgentHubcap says:

check that your hydrometer is calibrated

Tony Yates says:

You guys rock! Cheers!

patsfan1284 says:

Those hops look amazing, congrats guys

Lucky13 Brewing says:

Holy attenuation my saison does that but I mash at 148. I am brewing it
again soon with everything the same except the yeast. 

Ian Carroll says:

Thanks for the update, super fermentation chamber. Wish I was handy like
you guys. :-)

Adam John says:

Really nice looking crop of hops there guys. Love the vids, enthusiasm just
oozes from you both. Cheers!

John Smith says:

fermentation chamber looks great, guys! cool design

Clint Harris says:

DKN is an awesome beer. Hope the SkeeterPee treated you well. Cheers!

Sam Larkman says:

a liter of hops! Absolutely classic! You lads always seem to have so much
fun! Cheers!

Sam Larkman says:

Whammo, Sammy is first!

ColoradoFlyFisherMan says:

Can’t wait for October! 

Brad Watson says:

Nice Hops! Nice fermentation chamber!! Way Cool Rainbow! 

Chuck Brockmann says:

I wish my hops grew the big!!!

Gordy says:

Love you vids! Elder P. is a hoot, and I like the Oscar The Grouch shit.

Paulie Detmurds says:

Really fun video to watch,..thank you for doing it! Cheers!

ColoradoFlyFisherMan says:

Can’t wait for October! 

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