Home brewing the easy way part 1

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This is an easy way to prepare home brew beer in under 1 hour. Here are some helpful links to help you get started. Click the links to see the products and p…


BikemanforU says:

Gonna have to try this out.

Aussie Vill says:

y would too much sugar ruin the batch

DJEDI296 says:

Working on my first batch from a can. It’s an IPA. They sold me the can
and 2.0 pounds of corn sugar. They said to put the sugar in prior to
pitching the yeast, but the instructions call for 1kg of sugar (2.2lbs).
Should I be concerned about that missing 0.20lbs?

Also, it says to add a half teaspoon of sugar to each pint. Is this also
corn sugar, or some other kind? And if the bottles are 12oz, do I need to
use less than half a teaspoon? Hope you can help! I don’t wanna screw up
my first batch. :-)

Peter Mangold says:

Quick question for you building and using a brew kettle?
Your past videos have been awesome and you are created a brew monster on my
end. You started me and bottles and moved on to kegs. Actually have 4 in
use now. Cheers

tool reviews says:

How many pounds of malt do you use for 5 gallons 

Adrian Mountford says:

great video 

woody1977321 says:

I drink miller lite – how does this compare?


GREAT BOOK EASY TO DO,http://payhip.com/b/TkuS

Csaba says:

Formerly I posted at sveeral sites (Redstate Hotair NRO Ace of Spades to name a few). Now I only comment here since I find myself in agreement with almost everyone and everything here. Thanks for all you guys do to make this site so timely and interesting. Not to mention the fun we have with lib’s prog’s Marxists Communists but then I repeat myself. Thanks again.

Ryan. Ban. says:


TheJay9002 says:

Can you boil water?

CraigTube says:

Good question.. Let me know.

Dirk Diggler says:

Great videos Craig! I’ve been brewing wine for 15 years and thought it was
too much effort to make my own beer. You have changed my mind my friend!
Went out yesterday and picked up some supplies, now have a carboy of
coopers English bitter bubbling away along with 2 gallons of cider. Thank
you for the informative videos. I will never buy alcohol again to bring
home. You are a natural teacher/instructor. Thank you.

Jacob Wolniewicz says:

Hey Craig, Just replying to let you know that nothing that is harmful to
humans (viral or bacterial) that we know of can live in liquids with
alcohol content like beer or wine. All what happens when a beer gets
infected is it just tastes bad, or might be chunky. It will never give you
more than a stomach ache though.

Jonathan Read says:

Hi there Craig, just wanted to let you know that I’ve watched a few of your
videos now and I find them very helpful! I’ve only just started homebrewing
and I have my first brew bottled/kegged (half and half) ready to drink
hopefully by Halloween. Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been a
great help to me with all of your videos!

Lani Mirc says:

Making beer is easy Craig, making great beer takes some effort…….Any
asshole with extract & yeast can make beer………

GodBlessGnrlPatton says:

How do you place the Trojan Condom over the soup pot?

jonnyboy1908 says:

I’ve been using Mr. Beer, but decided it takes an awful long time to
produce only two gallons, so I want to go bigger…do u use a 6-gallon
fermentor, and what size can of extract is that? (they have different sizes
on the Cooper’s website)

MrBlueroads says:

i cant find part 2?

profarthursanchezsr says:

Hi Craig, Great videos! How long will beer last in a barrel? In pubs they
go off after 5 or so days of serving.

ACT WON says:

hey craig my airlock hasn’t been bubbling. what does that mean?

markohoppis says:

I don’t think brewing brew is that economical. I became interested in
brewing to save money on beer expenses, but the cost of the equipment,
cleaners and sanitizers, and ingredients makes brewing more expensive than
just buying beer. So it seems beer brewing is more of a hobby, not a way to
reduce beer costs. I think wine making or home distilling may be more
affordable, however more dangerous on many levels (at least the distilling

rdelahunty100 says:

Great video, thank-you very much.

Khotic7 says:

Great video and very informative and descriptive, thankyou Craig. Well Done

CraigTube says:

that is not possible. You need malted barley, hops and yeast. OR a kit like
what I brewed in this video.

steve ipa says:

i watched this and it got me back into homebrewing properly because the
last time well years ago i did a brown ale and made it to strong and i was
seeing stars and i had 3d vision without the glasses and it put me off for
years but now im back into homebrew and enjoying it.cheers craig 17

JeanGuillaumeDB says:

888 likes and 88 dislikes

Kubwa Nanzuri says:

making this for my grandpa

Mark Johnson says:

Use spell check. drinking this beer makes your hair turn white.

Gary Green says:

@fakrr Move. Life is short, death is long. Rumor has it, in Heaven there is
no beer. That’s why we must drink it here.

g Fyfe says:

why dont you put your coopers can in hot water in the sink for about 20
mins before you mix it just runs out then.

DirtyWhiteBoard says:

@adrahaxxen Organic Apples can and do use pesticides, they just don’t use
modern petrol-based ones. Technically DDT is considered “Organic”.

Sheppy99 says:

Thanks Craig, I will try that. I pretty sure it is the same stuff you used
and if I used half of the container, it would equal roughly the 500 grams
and I will combine that with 500 grams of dextrose and dry malt. English
bitter is going to be my next attempt from coopers. Cheers

GIjoe740 says:

This guy must be legit… He has the beer belly to prove it lol.

Jeremy Qualls says:

will kayro corn syrup do?

Roggiedodgie says:

Hey is this your first video? I remember seeing this about when you first
put it out. AWESOME!

golyg says:

Craig, My local brew supply store told me that Coopers will no longer be
exprting to the US. have you heard this?

boooshman says:

Hope you’re making at least 200 pints?


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SP330Y says:

Hi, Thanks for taking your time to answer this question, it is very much
appreciated, good health to you too!

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