Home brewing the easy way part 2

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Part 2 of easy home brewing. Make beer easily in your home. Brew Bucket with Spigot: http://www.highgravitybrew.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=652&…


Lee Jones says:

i use spring water not tap

Lance Flanagan says:

What if you’re top it up to capacity but it’s still too hot. Can i leave it
to cool naturally? 

Ravel Perez says:

I need 200 dollars to buy the kit, and i dont have them… :( … anyone
feels like donating…

Saad Zahid says:

great video

imlay imlay says:

@MrBigchatty A bit late a response (lol), but anyway to answer your
question, NO, there is no reason for you to be worried. Especially in
countries where temperatures are generally cold (or just in winter), it can
take a few days for the beer to ferment enough to create enough CO2 for you
to notice it going through the airlock .

clintdavistv says:

is that a mixer, and a track recorder in the background?(temp instructional)

CraigTube says:

@spooledheat It’s a box of 24 bottles of beer. We call it a two four in

CraigTube says:

@madmanRT83 It works alright for me here.

CraigTube says:

@pcdiver52 The cans of malt extract are pre hopped.

900Impossible says:


abdouche says:

@craigtube – i am about to brew for the first time ever tonight. i´m
studying your videos to learn the craft. wish me luck!!

bloodntearz says:

did u add hot water straight from the tap? isnt there copper in your hot
water tank ?? which means it’ll add some of copper elements 2 your beer ..

kungopus says:

Or…use a sharp knife and use the sharp edge to split the drop in
half..not a lot of force is requierd..

phillr3 says:

My second batch was contaminated. Blew the caps off the bottles! haha Gave
it to my neighbor

CraigTube says:

@criticalcaleb Well, my tank is quite new, and it’s so hot that I doubt
there’s anything living in there. Good point tho. People need to think
about these things.

smokeybarr says:

haha… all good mate. I put my first ever brew on yesterday, some great
tips in your vids.

bigmockuk says:

I am attempting to make homebrew beer for the first time!,its been 6 days
so i thought i would try using the hydrometer i got with the kit,i used a
sterilised tumbler,popped the Hmeter in and it just bounced 3/4 times
before coming to rest on the bottom,i know its early days but is this
natural? the wort looks like beer,smells like beer/cider,any info on this

CraigTube says:

@29render Yes, 3.3 pounds is correct. You don’t need a carboy. Easy on that
sugar, no more than 1kg.

MarquisEstelle says:

@CraigTube If by “strength” you mean alchohol content, the longer it
ferments, the more alchohol content it will have unless the ferment stalls,
which you can tell because there’s no bubbles coming to the top. But the
longer you let it sit, the more alchohol it makes, so long as the yeast has

Bilb Ono says:

@CraigTube we call 24 packs “suitcase”

scetdellak says:

Hi Craig, great video, very useful for a beginner like me, just one concern
i have. wouldn’t be better using some good water from a spring instead than
plain tap water wich is loaded with clorine?i’m sayn this becouse here in
the Alps where i come from and live, i can just walk to one and get it,
thanks a lot and cheers(scuse my poor english)

Homebrew Depot says:

Craig, I always thought one should call the unfermented beer “wort” sounds
like “wert” not “Wart”. Isn’t that the correct pronounciation? The word
“word” sounds like “werd” not “ward” and so the word “wort” sounds like

CraigTube says:

Ya one drop is not enough for your bottles. You’d need 1 and a half, but
you can’t easily break them, so use corn sugar… just under 1 tsp. More
like 3/4 of a tsp.

Bruce Squirrel says:

thanks for the video!


I have found that if you dissolve a teaspoon of sugar in a cup of boiling
water (not too much boiling water) once the sugar has dissolved top up with
cold water until the temp is around 75F mix in the brewers yeast, after
10-15 mins the yeast is active (give it a good mix every now and then, it
should have a good head on it) when you finally add this to your wort it
will start fermenting within an hour or so, I have found that this method
will take a day or even two off the fermenting cycle.

Sunny Rupwate says:

You are adding unsterilized water to you broth. It will contaminate you

dgdbg says:

Are you canadian?

sidneyx2 says:

Ha when i saw that gold package i was expecting a lesson on safe sex.

hungoversundays . says:

Just a question if you dont mind. If leave my brew to ferment longer than a
week, say 2 or 3. Will that increase its strength?

kegedwill says:

@hungoversundays Yes, but not that much. Most of the fermentation process
is complete by then.

CraigTube says:

@thekidsta Funny you asked. I am planning an experiment to see what the
difference is. I will report my findings.

HotRocksAndHardRock says:

hey craig, i have a coopers d.i.y kit but the tub has no hole for an
airlock. what do? will it be fine without one? (p.s. listened to a few of
your songs. pretty nice haha)

moerdertaktiken says:

Fallow isn’t a word.

Homebrew Depot says:

Thanks Craig. Nice to know you read our comments. Keep on Keepin on.

CraigTube says:

@scetdellak Yes it should be fine then.

shooterman40 says:

um i dont want to sound stupid but can you get all of these legally in the

TheSkurzy9ball says:

GREAT VIDEO MAN!!!! Very informative just what I needed! Gonna start brewin
asap. Thanks, Skurzy9Ball

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