Homebrew beer, the basics of home beer brewing.

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The step by step process I use to brew malt extract recipe beer. This is a great video to watch if you’re brewing for the first time, or want to know more ab…


eric williams says:

Cool video. Trying to learn. What size cornelius container was that? Looks
like a 3 gal?

TerryOBriensHomeBrewers says:

The step by step process to brew malt extract recipe beer. This is a great
video to watch if you’re brewing for the first time, or want to know more
about how to home brew. Teach everyone what makes a good craft beer.

Mist'er Beers says:

Outstanding video. Learning to #brew is a lot of fun, and I have learned a
little from this video. Some say they’d rather just buy their beer, and
that’s understandable. I just love seeing my family/friends enjoying
something that I made. The experience is part of the fun & reward for me
anyways. #Cheers!

Thanks again #Jordan for making this video for all of us.

39tommyboy says:

@jordanmwright thanks friend i will give it a try. i miss having a drink
every now and then. but do to health. well you know. lol but it doesnt hurt
to have a drink every now and then. huh? i never had a drinking problem it
was just everybody else had the problem with me. lol just joking. see ya
and thanks again.

LUKE rush says:

How many pounds of liquid malt did you add

jdogandkfly says:

can poor beer

shelbywasonacid says:

whats the song at the end?

John Hunt says:

Beer *is* good.

carlokrenzelak says:

i can turn beer into pee

RedSoxBowHunter says:

Hey Jordan! thats my name too! anywho I just made a stout yesterday and
this morning I checked the carboy, its bubbling..not super fast, and the
Kraussen level is very small just kinda floating on surface, but there is
alot of protein settlement on bottom, should any of this concern me/?
thanks man…one of the best beer brew vids on here

mogges says:

i do not get it.i have check all the prices of all that’s need to brew
beer.and I find that by the time I buy all the ingredients to make beer i
could have just went an bought a case of beer

lordbyronXIV says:


will cresson says:

Don’t get cheap-ass aluminum ones unless you plan on conditioning the
inside metal before you brew with it, which is, in my opinion, more trouble
than it’s worth.

twmals says:

@2011styckaren Great Question! Im with this guy

Seneca Gamer says:

how long do you let it ferment after racking it?

jacktorse28 says:

should the hops be removed before pouring into the carboy?

Boston1775 says:

Time is money with a guy like me. Me thinks ill continue to just buy it.

Frost00586 says:

You’ll like’em even more in concert cause they’re funny as hell on stage.

Tyler Cantwell says:

So the steeping grains is your mash? Did you mill them? Ive never seen it
done without a mash tun. But using just a mesh net looks waaaay easier. Im
also assuming your grains werent malted since you added malt?

mickeydamon says:

I always wanted to brew my own beer. But that looks like a real pain, when
i can just walk a block down to the store and pick some up!

John Connors says:

Great video … I would like to start kegging my beer but do not have a lot
of space… what kind (…and size) is your fridge?

krazyk86cu says:

great video!

cormaccrawley says:

Information overload, I had to pause this about a million times to try and
soak up all the info. Great video.

Scottles293 says:

People had way too much free time on their hands to figure this out lol
cool vid tho

colomboricua says:

no truer words

herbalist420ganja says:

is this cheaper than just buying the beer?

Tim Uren says:

awesome video, you know your stuff!

Simonak699 says:


Jules Winnfield says:

2.) Basically i just want to know the honest to God truth is it worth it.
Not just bc its fun (which it does look fun) but the taste and value. I
understand that theres probably a TON of experimenting to get the taste you
want. And I love a lot of different kinds of beer. From chocolate coffee
tasting stouts to black lagers to some pale yales.How much money am i going
to have to spend to get it right. Sorry for all the ?’s im just in LOVE
with beer and would like to drink it cheaper.

Leonard Smith says:

gee, why don’t you just use jargon in a common language environment

OneBloom says:

Great video. Thank you for the simple – yet very informative walk through.

SerpentofTaRa J says:

Thank you so much! Just finished making the first wort of my life with the
help of your well constructed video. I especially like that you provide
some scientific information with the instruction. Awesome <(")

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