How To Play Beer Pong

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with a couple of ping pong balls, a few friends and a few beers, you can have a blast with beer pong – while sharpening your hand-eye coordination at the sam…


Todd Moore says:

Here ya go mom, this is what beer pong is :-) 

Dan Wade says:

I reckon this should be tried out Saturday on the ferry back from IOW after
Millbrook DECIMATE Ventnor!!

Maciek Stawiarski says:

i dont get it

Drojdier Boschetar says:

That’s not beer, that’s flavored water.

Dejaview Productions says:

Watch some epic Beer Pong action on our page: dejaview 0305
All the way from South Africa!!!

Round Up Country Western Night Club & Restaurant says:

If you are not at the Round Up tonight is it because you don’t know how to
play Beer Pong? Fear Not! We have the tutorial for you right here.

Laura Simpson says:

Too much effort. Just drink the normal way. If the other team are terrible
shots, you may never take a drink. Why take the risk?!

radek hehe says:


biomail86 says:

Red cups and light beer. Sums up the americans.

Kris Sanchez says:

Now I’m ready to get fucked up lol 

Anthony Thomsen says:

Beer Pong, I love it so much.

Breanna Norris says:

the barbies in the back though

ALeX inSide says:

“Real” men. lol

karen mcguiness says:

Jay Mcguiness likes this.

Patrick Hammond says:

über gay

WlakyMaster says:

Thank you. I would be more grateful if you only explain me a little about
“island shoot” ? :)

Zeldi4ka says:

When the monkeys getting bored of eating bananas,they are starting to play
“put banana in some hole” LOL

treshawn wilson says:

Okay we passed the intro class now get to the advanced parts of beer pong

alicemuffins says:

0:17 – 0:20 I was so amazed by that

Jeff Alsworth says:

Doesn’t go over Re-racks, Balls Back, Redemption, or a lot of other

wadegabrielle23 says:


Arawos says:

feels like I’m back in the 80’s after wathcing this

HuSsLeHawKiNs says:

suductive motion – that commercial was weak as fuck

JohnnyJohn116 says:

You guys are having way too much fun! I can’t wait to play at a barbque I’m
throwing tomorrow!

Vladimir Dimov says:

Yeah… but I have tried VODKA PONG…. never do it!!! I’m warning you!!!

SuperRedNova says:

How are you supposed to drink the beer if you knock the cup over? Waste of
beer lol

watching videos heart says:

Gross! Dirty balls on your drink

Mirrale says:

That makes too much sense.

Eddie Elric says:

This game is lame.

Saba T says:

why? 😛

misssy86 says:

Wouldn’t it be more hygienic to fill cups with water and when you get a hit
drink from your own cup?

Shariva47 says:

Blem, prajuokinai;DDD

Keanu Reeves says:

These guys are obviously huge assholes.

LoyalAbvAllLawz says:

That fool said vodka pong? Who the fuck plays vodka pong… Dude probably
is stupid. I play it like the video. With beer. Usually I play with friends
and chicks so I rather enjoy the girls and have fun sex with them :)

sKopheK says:

what douche guys there 😛

Karen Houldsworth says:

Great video, We love beer pong, we sell the 8ft Tables in Australia find us
on Facebook KazzarsSlushyMachineSyrups

Calvin Compton says:

Suck at this game sober Badass at it when im drunk

AngelaAstaire says:

In mexico it’s tequila pong. hellz yea

Jordan Hates says:

When you really think about it, the rules of Beer Pong are kind of
bullshit! I even made a video about it.

javilopson1 says:

in Lithuania play with my dick

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