How to Play Beer Pong

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Group/Documentary project for DFS Spring 2006 Co-created with Daniel R. Fishman. A photo documentary about beer pong.


irndk10 says:

haha they werent saying babe ruth they were saying beirut

bostonbrawla says:

Yeah Nobody plays six it 10 or 12!

PJsnipez says:

Dude, i just got a quad crossmap no scope!!!…. Wrong vid?

magua4 says:

for the 20 and under crowd…… hahaha

420fury says:

@bubbagreen29 just let the little kids think what they want lol

xszkodnikx says:

Przy finale tej zabawy może być spory kłopot z po celowaniem. 5/5

ryanjka1 says:

Elbow rule.

fiveonitx420 says:

it’s BEIRUT!! not beerpong

bboyjulz says:

let me get those cups touching

Zanders115thDream says:

There’s multiple variations of pong jackass. Yours isn’t the only way.

G B says:

The real losers are the winners cause they don’t get to drink as much :( I
guess it’s just a small price to pay tho for VICTORY

bc20bjkv says:

here it’s a little different. Once someone shoots the ball and it goes in
you’re allowed to remove the cup (because both balls in the same cup
constitutes an automatic victory)if the other person can’t wait to shoot
and it hits your hand while making a reasonable attempt to remove the cup
the other team effectively has forfeited that shot. If you knock the ball
into another cup that cup counts. pretty much standard Maryland rules,
dunno where you are but it always seems to vary geographically

Tman617 says:

okay 10 cups is not called babe ruth its called man pong haha 6 cups r for
the girls and 10 cups r for the guys…any guy that plays 6 cups deserves
to have his balls chopped off….

puccacrow91 says:

i believe beirut and beer pong are the exact same games.

GreatestOfAllTime5 says:

Playing against my aunts and uncles in beer pong would make my life.

KrishMasta says:

fucking right….its beirut…not beer pong

Andrew Wood says:

WTF BeerPong is 10 cups.

PongDeck says:

@pocojr5 beer pong may cause aids, but Pong Deck cures Beer Pong aids!

rodiggiti says:

“Like” is the new ummmm… Neither of which are acceptable in every day
English speech.

Andrew Wood says:

@420fury lol Thank you. stupid kids.

sandojesse says:

haha beer pong noobs. i like how your cups are not even touching in the
pictures! and elbows all day. come to alaska we will show you what beer
pong is about.


Check out Howard TV

Justin Nahin says:

6 cups my ass! be a man and play with 10!

cloudydog12594 says:

wow,damn,this game looks awsom,lol!!!

brendanollie says:

dont cheat asshole. elbows

thegeno64 says:


soccerrunner8098 says:

no shit sherlock. My comment was directed towards someone that thought
beirut was only played with 6 cups. And I was explaining how my version was
played with 12…more cups than bp

zombiXrage89 says:

Omg I fucking hate the elbow rule!!!!

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