How to Play Beer Pong / Beirut

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avastyelandlubber says:

I’ve been playing for years and have never met anyone who uses step six.

kgoch22 says:

ha i was just about to put that up. and i agree ive never played with
people that re rack as you go. its 2 re racks for 10 cup 1 for 6 cup

FunkyMotherfucker says:

there should just never be a video on beer pong. everyone will bitch and
moan about shitty rules

scdrumlinepit says:

Heh, one of my friends was persuaded into playing this game with some rum
and coke. His friends put a little too much rum in the cups…

AnimeManiac62 says:

wow u must be the funny guy huh?

elpebble says:

this is pretty much just the basic format for playing ‘rut. (except for the
empty cup rule WTF was that shizz?) when you think about it, 90% of the
games rules are determined by house rules. a lot of houses will share the
same basic rules but there’s always some minor changes. at least, that’s
how it goes in Washington.

Spaction222 says:

… Funny how they tried to combine the two games. Yes they are similar but
most times with beirut, there is the empty cups and auto-reracks. Beer pong
is the more commonly played game across campus. As for NBA rules, missing
table, Money cups, bounces, and many other rules, are all house rules.

OatTheGoat says:

not where im from. if you call it beer pong you get a look from people like
they think your a fag

DSIMPL says:

what? what about the eye to eye rule? or the 2 reracks. never heard of the
empty cup rule either… beer pong has come a long way lol

joby318 says:

well i am a college student and everyone i know calls it either beirut or
just pong and it is actually a very popular game in real life to answer
your question @dingdongditch1000 i am actually probably going to play at
one of the parties tonight

Tyler Kruse says:


DrummerJonH says:

@Bmk9309 Waterpong! no mess, no fuss, no hair in your beer! chill with a
beer in your hand and shoot at water cups! Its the same thing except you
drink from your can instead of the cup they shoot in AND if you like coors
light that fucking can will stay cold for SO long! so if youre playing one
of those 1 cup vs. 1 cup never ending games itl still be cold =D

johnnyboy922 says:

i know a bunch of people will comment on this being like get the fuck out
but i hate beer pong. if you wanna get drunk then get drunk if you wanna
play a game when you drink then play bags/baggo/tailgate toss (whatever you
wanna call it) but i dont want your drunk ass tossing a ball into my beer.
no matter how shitty the beer is. if i wanted to taste your fingers id lick
em. it kinda ruins it for you when you see people play in a basement with
dog hair all over the balls.. evn w/ 2 cup

JollyBuds says:

well those are like house rules.

avastyelandlubber says:

We always remove the cups after each team’s turn.

cvoliver says:

some people restack on 4 cups and 2

tmeighen50 says:

or just dont use that gay @ss rule. Only b!tches blow

joeanthony88 says:

beirut for life fucker!!!!!!!

Arbs2011 says:

@BlackDeath17123 that is the exact way i play xD

robyrob78 says:

1:09 elbows!

TheScarlettThunder says:

Washington ftw.

Neil Surendranath says:

you all are fucking stupid. your arguing about the name that people call
it, thats like which football really is football. they both are you dumb
faggots. both are the same thing just like football is both soccer and
american football.

oldmangravy says:

@ EK677 if your the king why would you look up how to play?

Chelsey Shir-Shekar says:

omg lol that makes sooo much sense, and it makes me not want to play
beerpong…even though i rarely do.

TheDeviousLight says:

sure you did

Eric Hong says:

i get keystone light confused with my piss

LNxTCB says:

Haha. Wooord. Keystone light, cheap.

pvakt says:

hmmm..if you drop the ball into a cup,U lose.. If I drop the ball into the
cup,i want to drink!!! Its not fair that the loser gets all the beer =(

Merk Raybans says:

@oldmangravy lol chris

Mjolkmaestro says:

You sir/maam, are a genious!

Ernway edeth says:

Throw nugs into bowl pieces, if the nug goes in the piece they have to grab
a bong and finish the nug.

infantfinite says:

fuck you dawg. jk dawg. chill out dawg. WHERE MY DAWGS AT? just kidding
mister walmart. im just your everyday suburban white kid. well sort of.

supasonic7 says:

” In conclusion”…. you sound like a fag

YaYugioh says:

23 percent call it beiruit??? Bullshitttt more like .23 percent

AskingTransit says:

this is not how u play beerpong

iceman9075 says:

these rules are bullshit! and that table’s about 5 feet long. pussies.

KillerMcowner says:

this guy right here, is a fucking idiot. he does NOTTTTT know how to play
beer pong, what a fucking idiot. ruining the game, play with lokos, agreed?
:) pusssiiesss.

jgcane says:

1:02 what a fucking nerd and the elbows in this tutorial are bullshit

William Lin says:

@navydeal123 ahah you got that from urbandictionary. you are the true noob.

adultyt says:


Andrew Stanaway says:

where can i get hand eye co-ordination?

vannycane says:

@navydeal123 oh shut up beer pong is beer pong get over it.

EKStremeProductions says:

just saying this is NOT AT ALL HOW U PLAY BEER PONG thats not how u start
that empty cup rule is bs and u didnt mention same cup ball back or even

pks7777777 says:

i like how the water was optional “oh man the ball landed on the floor”
“its alright we’ll still use it”

OatTheGoat says:

i hate people who call this beer pong. this is beirut. beer pong is a
completely different game that involves actual paddles or something. ITS

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