How to Play Beer Pong | Drinking Games

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Gregory May says:

Ya gotta demonstrate it, dude!

Maddog Fillups says:

+Howcast did you know 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurence?

Lord Hillz says:

no just no. you’re missing way more rules like calling island and being on

Scott Vineyard says:

Wtf rules are those. I’ve never heard that even from wsbp rules 

Sean Cantley says:

When I play, the cups don’t get pulled until both people have shot, it’s
game over if both people make it into one cup on their first shot, but
after that it’s just two cups, if the ball rolls back and you grab it, you
shoot behind your back, you get one rerack per game, and if you get skunked
(that is, you lose without making any cups) you run around the property
naked. We only do the skunk rule when we’ve got girls on the table. Also,
when girls are on the table, you can “finger” the ball out of the cup, and
girls can blow it out.

Maddog Fillups says:

dear diary, today i learned how to play beer pong, if only i had heard of
this game before…

ilovetodayy says:

this guy needs to stfu

Romelia Zarate says:

What an idiot

Eddie Murray says:

do not compute

Valeriu Balan says:

what the fuck

BroManDude says:

If you love beer pong and / or drinking in general you’ll love my channel.

hollywoodfastlife916 says:

It just hit me..this guy was in the movie VHS. Seriously one of the
scariest movies I’ve ever seen. He played the character in the second
scene. He plays a pretty good stoner.

Its Owz Here says:

Played it last night soo good

Ben Lovett says:


Lexie Collins says:

Was he drunk filming this?

nancee addae says:


Julie H says:

Uploaded on my birthday

TheCourt28 says:

Say i was playing with 4 people, two on each side, and I throw the ball and
it lands in my opponents cup. Which one of the two drink the beer?

Ben Ybarra says:

WSOBP or NOTHING #Recognize 

Sscar10 says:

What da he’ll is this. I rather drink the beer then be playing this.

Javier Valentin says:

if it wasn’t for the upbeat backround music and editing, this would be
super fucking awkward…

11 123 says:

As a pro beer-pong player ( I’ve won more than 30 Beer-Pong official
tournaments in our capital city) I’ve gotta admit that’s pretty accurate
guide dude :) Thumbs and cups up
PS: you didn’t mention about the bounce-of-table ball rules but that comes
with experience while playing :) 

Hunter Lubenstein says:

Why, thank you

nikki ng says:

hes high

Andrew Jenkins says:

This guy is intensely retarded

Ryan Smallman says:

i play if you call what cup you throw it in you get the ball back and if
both you and your partner get a ball in its balls back. also if you catch
the ball of the cup you get a free behind the back shot. bounce shots count
as two cups but the other team can slap the ball away

stevenashrules0 says:

it’s just a fun game, even if yout not drinking

Jibri Harper says:


chingobling619 says:

You get drunk faster this way, because you have to chug the cups fast, then
if you lose you have to drink all your cups and you opponents cups. If you
win you play another game (Which mean you actually drink more if you win a
few games)

eddie947 says:

Why do people get so entertained with a ball and a cup? durrr i got a ball
in a cup, now you have to drink it durrr.

praspurgh says:

1:44 … and… other things… this made me LOL

TheTck90 says:

What happened to the 6? :O 😛

irecordpornos says:

it makes things more interesting here in America competition

bhvbyui bhjbhi says:

It is just a fun way to drink at a party

Hornies says:


hclfa4 says:

Not a good teacher why is he teaching, his way to fucking cocky

Sharlene H says:

He’s cute;)

debnikfantomi90 says:

na balkancite ne im trebat takvi pederski igri se znae ke ti ja pogodat
pesnata i na eks 😀 😀 :D:

chandler carl says:

Fuck being legal drinking age!! HA

Christopher Sam says:

that was really un-informative

Nikita Danilenkov says:


Lauren Rae says:

we fill all the cups with water so no one drinks gross beer then we all
have personal cups with whatever we want to drink.

fleurjaune345 says:

Get over it. I’m a woman, I laughed out loud. He was making a j-o-k-e.

Alp Gungor says:

I have been playin this game since 16, havent witnessed such an ending..

Chante Sandiford says:

the way he said it is how I played when I was on the east coast. When I
went to school in LA they play the way you play and they call it explosion
or something. I like pulling the cups better personally…but to each
his/her own lol

IIceLLyII says:

He looks like a douchebag, don’t like the way he talks

Autumn Lee says:

Y’all are some whiny fucks. 1: he wasn’t being sexist by saying “real men
and women” he was making a joke, and that’s not sexist to begin with you
dumbass. 2: 8 foot is standard length. 3: Y’all know damn well all y’all
underage saying “I don’t drink, I’ll use soda” are liars.

Pablo Diablo says:

this is absolutely retarded. i remember when beer pong was played on a ping
pong table with paddles and only one cup on each side of the table. you
play ping pong and if you get the ball into your opponent’s cup, he has to
drink. actually required some skill and was a lot more fun than this shit.
this should be called beer bowling.

IFuzZeID says:

because its fun

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