How To Play Beer Pong (Official)(Funny)

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This video was filmed by the amazing Richy Sandham and his mate Milo, We hope you enjoy this funny video aswel as learn a few rules about the game Beer Pong….


Battleshots Empire says:

Aussie-made drinking games FTW. Awesome work.

James King says:

hahaha trav is my old step brother

dolkmusic says:

very nice commercial! shouts from germany :D

Engin696 says:

i like how you took the old spice campaign, that worked really well but you
had no celebratory endorsements !

Conor Morgan says:


Travis Cornish says:

Beer Pong Australia was the celebratory endorsement!

SouthEastBand says:


23lovelyy says:

Badass ending, I have to say.

george bonisteel says:

there are so many misconceptions in this game, everyone has different
rules… heating up, frontcupbackcup, callouts, islands,gentlemens…ect
the list goes on n on

BeerPongAUS says:

Cheeers :D

Xayer Five says:

Banana eating Banana …?!?!?! cannibalism !!!!

BeerPongAUS says:

Lol we are filming more videos at the end of this month cant wait!! they
are defiantly going to be as entertaining too

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