“Hybrid” Foster’s Beer (commercial) 2011

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Account manager does not own this material. K. Harrison Sweeney’s lambchops drive the chop top in this ad directed by Clay Weiner and produced by Digitas Chi…


MrHeyfuckoff says:

Mate, are you internet stalking me? This is the third comment of mine you
have replied too, all of which are on different video’s. 1.This video 2.
“SLY VY” Bagged SS Wagon 3.[GTA IV] Highway To Hell

cardude247 says:

lol my first friend on youtube is an aussie and ive ALWAYS wanted to meet
an aussie

MrHeyfuckoff says:

You dont have to stop replying, I was just a little confused lol :)

Motimer Snerd says:

AKA “Chevy Volt.”

cardude247 says:

I guess they think Australians are tough

cardude247 says:

no, but ill stop

MrHeyfuckoff says:

You cant even buy it here, so how is it Australian?

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