Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

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Go behind the scenes in the white house kitchen and see the brewing of President Obama’s homemade beer. Learn what’s in the recipe:…


Suddenly Smart says:

Have another beer Mr Obama and just let China have that new fly zone it
got. Don’t think about the repercussions, just kick back have a brew and a
cig. and tell the world it doesn’t matter What happens to China until their
on our door step. 

thezquad says:

From prohibition to white house brewed beer? One day when I am old and grey
I look forward to a white house recommendation to a good weed spot.

Maclaren Christopher says:

True religion is complete surrender to Gods willing. The problem from the
beginning of time is that, we human try to speak on behalf of god and
created many faults and lies. And that human is trying to act justice on
behalf of god and this lead human to their down fall. America is doing the
exact same thing, mind other business too much rather than taking care
their own domestic affairs. This shows america have serious thirst for
nation supremacy.

john gury says:

What are the numbers on the final brews? BVA, etc. Any taster reviews out
there? Hmmm, a 4.98 BVA so it is not one of the big > 9 IPAs. Sensible.

The White House says:

America asked, we delivered. Check out the White House beer recipe:

mamadou diarra says:

we want see the voodoo and Ritual Satanists and freemasons ceremony inside
the white house please

BeerAdvocate says:

*The White House releases honey-based homebrew beer recipes*

It’s official. Today at 1:30 EDT, Sam Kass (White House Assistant Chef and
the Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives) posted the recently
petitioned White House beer recipes on The White House Blog.

For the recipes:

*Ale to the Chief!*

Linda Lawrey says:

Go behind the scenes in the white house kitchen and see the brewing of
President Obama’s homemade beer. 

Jeremy Hall says:

Did you know?

*The White House brews it’s own beer!*

“The United States’ most top secret beer just gained declassified status.
The White House has released the recipes for its home-brewed — and
government approved — Honey Ale and Honey Porter, for those who really
want to drink like the president.

While people probably wouldn’t mind a few tax dollars being spent on the
Commander in Chief’s home concoctions, Barack Obama funds this venture out
of his own pocket.”


Karl Hughes says:

*The White House has its own beer!*

*Inspired by home brewers from across the country, last year President
Obama bought a home brewing kit for the kitchen. After the few first drafts
we landed on some great recipes that came from a local brew shop. We
received some tips from a couple of home brewers who work in the White
House who helped us amend it and make it our own. To be honest, we were
surprised that the beer turned out so well since none of us had brewed beer

Read More:

Danny Sullivan says:

I don’t like beer but plenty do, and the +The White House has just released
its own home brew beer recipe and video

Justin Bale says:

Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

Tim Johnson says:

The White House Honey Ale and White House Honey Porter recipes have been

You can find them here:

Sadly, I’m too lazy to brew any myself. Maybe +Cory Altheide?

#whitehouse #beer 

Nathan Strange says:


Tony Merker says:

A great look inside the White House Homebrewing set up. #obama2012

Ken Bruce says:

Found this browsing through the petitions on And yes, the
recipe is there as well:

Deschutes Brewery says:

Learn to homebrew the beer made at the White House!

Maclaren Christopher says:

President is having beer in the white house? Next time we probarbly should
have club scene or strip club in the white house too for president
pleasure. And maybe if freedom grow wilder in future, we can have sex too
in the white house and breaking all the rules and laws of the old. Well,
now i understand why religion like islam is warning this nation, probarbly
we really need help for we no longer can control the evil thrist of our

Brendan Thesingh says:

America asked, we delivered. Check out the White House beer recipe:

George Cohn says:

Go behind the scenes in the white house kitchen and see the brewing of
President Obama’s homemade beer. 

Anna Santos says:

#TheWhiteHouse brews made from the White House honey. #obama #beer 

Dirk Talamasca says:

Cool to see such familiar equipment being used in the White House.

Chris Kim A says:

America asked, we delivered. Check out the White House beer recipe:

Maclaren Christopher says:

This is why christianity is cheap, after believing in jesus nothing else is
matter, you can do all the forbidden sins since jesus is going to beR all
your sins. You have no loss but total winning in this life and after, jesus
will be your slave and human still reign supreme. I guess this type of
religion fundemental have serious breed of human supremacy rather than
complete surrender to God.

Joe Naylor says:

America asked, we delivered. Check out the White House beer recipe:

Johan Bart says:

America asked, we delivered. Check out the White House beer recipe:

Kal El says:

O loves ma prezident. Now, he’s the kind of president I’d like to have a
bear with. Him and Bill. 

Google Local DC says:

*Ale to the Chief: **+The White House**’s Beer Recipe*

Ever wondered about the White House’s home-brewing process? The video below
gives a behind the scenes peek into the process.

*Thirsty for more?*

Check out recipes for the Honey Ale and Honey Porter:

Antoinette Meijrink says:

Where my eyewitness thing comes in handy.

Cousins brewed and I drank the odd Beer or two. Real Brew that is and I can
imagine to have found you a brewery that could show some interrest. Nice
Glasswork y the way. looks a darn sight more professional than what I
witnessed and those Buckets I saw. The only shop in Holland I saw however
was not in Arnhem but in a village called Zutphen all those years ago….

only leaves the question what you don’t know about me and my life’s
experience that is not already out in the open.

What I suggest now is that people band together with their buckets and
angle the Brooklyn brewery and use their professional distribution net for
the exact beer at the exact restaurant, at the exact meeting that takes
place. Dinner table at a conference to loosen up tonges and you have chain
production again on entrepeneurs level

Now be successful and do your Thing as you do best. What would small New
Venture Business be without the president showing us how?

© Antoinette Meijrink

Sara Vega says:

Ale to the Chief!

Bob Garlick says:

Awesome video from the Whitehouse showing the beer brewing some home beer.
You can save a lot of money by home brewing your own beer. The president
funded all the equipment needed.
Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

Steve Sheridan says:

Favorite line at 2:18: “You gotta keep it under lock and key.”

Keith Knippa says:

Just one more reason to cast the vote for Obama.

Lee Dudley says:

A White House activity I’m sure everyone can support….beer brewing.

#whitehouse #beer #beerbrewing

Steve V. says:

This is one reason why I am proud to have voted for Obama.

Cristian Markovich says:

I would love to have one with +Barack Obama :-)

Jamie Huson says:

Home brewing beer is now happening in the White House! Learn how they make
the White House Honey Ale #america 

John McClure says:

Apparently the chef thinks beer is distilled in secondary fermentation.
Neat video to see the white house kitchen though. #homebrewing

Ross Fisher says:

Obama would fit in just fine here in Portland with his love of craft beers!

Daragh McGrath says:

White House now brewing beer

Wyllys Ingersoll says:

White House Beer Brewing video. Link to recipe is in the description.

Jon Scully says:

Here’s to a new WH tradition! 

Christine Strobel says:

Presidential quality beer: A honey porter featuring bee hops.

Mike Winn says:

Video of how the White House is now doing it’s own home brewing. Very
cool. :)

Leonard Schofield says:

Where can I get a starter kit?

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