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CitizenShades says:

Why does the bartender have to make the crisp refreshing sound of a beer
opening, when he’s opening a beer? does the beer not make the sound?

Zack Ryan says:

supaaaaa fokin hot…..fuck this sexy bitch!

morcocopio says:

Yo queiro ese rabo para Miguelito

floofytown says:

I love that there’s absolutely no pretense to this. It’s just “Hey
everyone, look at these sexy asses. Stare at them. Sex. Sex. ..Ok now
here’s our product.” Works for me.

D Sanchez says:

Fuck yeah, I’ll drink to that. Boomba.


us Bulgarian’s got it goin!!!

Xmokko says:


Daliana Ferreira says:

whats the name of the song?

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