[KPOP] 2NE1 (sandara park) – Kiss [HQ] cass Beer commercial

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first solo album of Sandara Park.


Margarita Barto says:

Lee Min Ho! ღ

Che Sal says:

allkpop.com/2010awards/ Vote for 2ne1 spread the word…thanks 2ne1 Fans

Morino666 says:

lee minho Lee minho kyaaaaa wiiiiiii thanx 😀

Giovanna Conzo says:

Why Would Chu You Throw Away All Those Shoes O:< I Would Keep Them

MultiCaChua says:

Lee Min ho đẹp chai wá :))

vienna lara says:


Đặng Thư says:

clip này có Choi Do ( The Heirs ) =] cũng đẹp trai qá trời

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