“Let’s Do This Thing” – Schlaf Lyte Beer Commercial

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Schlaf Lyte Beer® brewed by 21st And Locust Brewing Company, St. Louis, MO © 2013 http://www.21standlocust.com #letsdothisthing Great beer starts with great …


adam kelemen says:

Let’s do this thing!

Marcus Penn says:

Now this is hilarious.

Dale Picolet says:

Who could they be talking about?

Tamra Bryan says:

*When you NEED a beer, but don’t really like beer… and you actually just
kind of want some water, reach for a Schlaf Lyte Light®* #aprilfools #funny

John Carlee says:


Charles Culp says:

Ryan Hutt says:

love the baby corn garnish

SchlaflyBeer says:

That was my favorite line from last year, for sure.

jrcharney says:

I though Blue Moon was a Coors product. Meh.

Craig Luciano says:

this is epic!

Nicholas Cloud says:

60-pack roadie. Genius.

tbacomedyproductions says:

well, maybe my thoughts just aren’t as deep as yours, there, knee-high, but
it pays the bills.

Dhart950 says:

I look forward to these videos every year! The schlafly titanium is my
favorite though. “Its old as shit”

whateveralesme says:

shut up, idiot

Stewart Wolfe says:


KneeDeepInThought says:

Hey tbacomedyproductions, i’m sure your “comedy” is really funny since you
obviously have a GREAT sense of humor!

StratfordMansionRecords says:

Anyone notice the voice from Adventuretime?

tbacomedyproductions says:

you’re welcome to give it a try

ohohantitruth says:

brocachos lol!

SchlaflyBeer says:

We’re definitely not singling out AB-InBev, we’re equally poking fun at
both the big dogs as well as their “craft” brands Blue Moon Brewing Company
and Shocktop Brewing Company. Just a little “light” April Fools ribbing,
just as we’ve done for the last 5 years. And…we’re not quite large enough
to have a “marketing team”, but thanks for kind words. Troika Brodsky –
Schlafly Beer Communications Director and creator of our April Fools

OneSecondResponse says:

April Fools MoFo’s!

Daniel Wolfe says:


dawneees says:

I love it!!

SchlaflyBeer says:

They are Miller Coors, via their Tenth And Blake Beer Company. My comment
said “we’re equally poking fun at both the big dogs as well as their
“craft” brands Blue Moon Brewing Company and Shocktop Brewing Company”.
Both was referring to InBev and Miller Coors. So again, we weren’t singling
out anyone, just big beer, light lager, “crafty” brands from the macro
brewers, and beer marketing in general. Equal opportunity fun poking.

Tim Jordan says:

+Schlafly Beer ‘s great April Fool’s poke at St. Louis bigger brewery. 

Guillaume Morin says:

Belle pub! La microbrasserie américaine Shlafly se paie la tête des macros

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