Louisiana Beer Reviews: Super Brew 15

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Do NOT drink this, regardless of what you see or hear in this video review. 14.9% alcohol. Brewed in Romania.


zorro456 says:

Yes it is truly Hideous!

iamwhatiseem1 says:

Just my opinion, I think you are over thinking this one Ron. To me C is
average, meaning “just ok”. You couldn’t drink it. That is not ok. To me a
drain pour is a drain pour, if it is so bad I can’t even drink it – a “D-”
would probably be the best I would rate it.

bluffer09 says:

Thanks for this review, Did you need a chaser after drinking this ale ?

TheOzoneLayerHatesMe says:

“Boris! I mistake that bad barley wine vat for solvent dump! What do now?
We name it Super Brew 15 and sell to whole world! Boris, you genius!”

Ronald Theriot says:

I don’t know. I usually put ’em in for about 20-25 minutes.

Fievel Mousekewitz says:

I had two of those once. A bit of puking was involved, I’m not gonna lie. I
couldn’t sip that shit over hours though. It was pound it and chase it with
something non-vile. There was nothing redeeming about that beer.

Ronald Theriot says:

It’s all about “the horror”, Bucky.

Ronald Theriot says:

Oh, no! I had to dump it out, branjo79! Thanks for watching!

Ronald Theriot says:

Excellent idea, ATP.

branjo79 says:

Good job reviewing that one though. Impossible to finish.

Ronald Theriot says:

I know, but at the time of the recording, I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able
to finish it. It only got worse and worse after the video was made. It was
one of those rare ones that get worse with the drinking. So, it dropped
from “C” to “F”. There wasn’t anything to do, but score it as is (at the

Ronald Theriot says:

Thanks for watching, Kristen Dyer. It’s a flabergasting sort of beer!

Ronald Theriot says:

Right, Abbot ale. I couldn’t remember the name.

Beer Sampling With Dave says:

I had this beer ONCE, and once was more than enough for me. Way too sweet
and alcohol presence is over the top. A “C” is more than generous….I
would never drink this beer under any circumstances…cheers Jay!

branjo79 says:

I tried that stuff once, ONCE!!!

BlueSpectacles says:

Greene kind Abbott ale cellar mold u said.

Bucky75 says:

I really enjoyed this review. It was very entertaining. If I want a strong
beer then I will stick with Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. I would try a sip of
this though, just to see what its all about.

Ronald Theriot says:

Thanks, steve!

D5quared91 says:


Ronald Theriot says:

That is almost assuredly what happened.

neoyorke says:

Sounds like a terrible beer. Is that a drop shadow Royals shirt?

Jimmy Rustle says:

All day sipper? Immediate pour down the drain for me

Ronald Theriot says:

You mean Samichlaus Helles? Yes, it’s stronger and much worse! Samichlaus
is a great beer.

Ronald Theriot says:

It’s started a “C” and finished an “F”, Dave. Oh, how terrible!

Ronald Theriot says:

Yes, but I’m sorry I grabbed this horror!

Lee Russell says:

Yikes. You did not look pleased doing this one. Sounds horrific.

Thomas Horsley says:

Stronger than that Helles malt liquor?…Can’t spell the first word, sorry

BlueSpectacles says:

Yuck Axehead and camo yuck.

Ronald Theriot says:

Yeah, it’s pure filth. Thanks for watching, Fievel Mousekewitz!

Beergurureviews says:

I Like the fact you drink all sorts and not just craft beer i am the same

steve toespern says:

I love the Schlitz display..great review

Ronald Theriot says:

Thanks for watching, bluffer09. Yes, I needed a chaser of lots of water!

Ronald Theriot says:

It is terrible, and yes it is.

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