Low Gravity Brewing – An Introduction (Why Brew Low ABV)

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An Introductory journey into Low Gravity / Low ABV / Low Alcohol brewing, and why it is worth mastering. Music: Losin My Head – Courtesy of Craig Farraway www.craigfarraway.com www.youtube.com/cr…


The Alchemist Brewery says:

To be honest 6% hoppy beers are starting to lose their appeal for the exact
reasons you state!

Dan ABA says:

You are ahead of your time over there, I think. In the craft beer industry
here in the States, low gravity beers have become the latest fad for a lot
of the reasons you listed. I’ve got a low gravity (3%) sour with hops
conditioning right now! Great video, cheers!

Dullahan Brewing says:

Is it simply a matter of brewing a coopers kit to say 40 litres rather than
the normal 23 litres ? Cheers.

Rich Goyette says:

Dude, I love it! I cannot wait to see future videos on this topic. Aces,
Mate. Cheers!

steve45ca says:

Cheers! I’ve been thinking of brewing a low gravity beer… might be a good
time to start eh?

Shaun Gerrard says:

Sounds awesome mate. Really interested on how you achieve mouth feel and
balance with your low g beers. The wheat beer you had on your cast looked
amaze balls. Nothing like having a beer after work without wanting a nap

Grant Baker says:

Good stuff… I’ve often wondered about a low ABV challenge, it would be
kinda cool to see what all the brewtubers can do flavour wise and keep it
below 3.5%. Cheers

Gash Slugg says:

cool vid mate, I’ve brewed several mid brews around 3.4% and really liked
them! Cheers!

Rookie Brew says:

Please add some recipes on the 17brewcrew website. 17!

Rookie Brew says:

Awesome Optomod. Love the effects. I will be giving the low gravity brewing
ago. I did a coopers lager with a hop tea and 500g brewing sugar came out
about 3.5%. Now that I have tasted your wheat beer at low gravity it just
goes to show that you dont miss out on anything. Cheers N’ 17!

Rookie Brew says:

Low Gravity Brewing – An Introduction (Why I Brew…:

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